Friday, August 16, 2013


It was in 1979 that I searched for a nearby "beauty parlor" in Woodhaven in order to get a decent haircut.  My hair is sort of curly-wavy and prefer the cut at to be one that I don't have to do any more than a quick comb or just puff it up with my fingers. I am also not interested in spending $50 for this. 

I checked out what was then "Charles Hairstylists" or something like that, located on Woodhaven Blvd. just south of Jamaica Avenue.  Joan cut my hair and eventually colored it to cover up the gray.  Even the combination didn't reach the $50 mark. Two moves later Valentine Hair Designer moved into an already existing "beauty salon" at 95-16 Jamaica Avenue.  It's not uncommon for another owner to rent "chairs". 

The place looks great, I let my hair go gray, and I'm still not paying anywhere near $50!  It's also a lot easier when the same person over the years and yes, Joan is still snipping. Larry, the second partner,  tends to be the person cutting men's hair and more of a "stylist".  718-441-6571. 

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