Sunday, August 17, 2014


I was all set to see Craig Meyer do his show, Almost Elton John, at QTIP when I received an email informing me of the cancellation.   Along with looking forward to seeing the show, I needed a night out.   What is there to do in Queens?  Engine search to discover a comedy club in Long Island City and not the one that seems to find its way on the Queens Tourism website and calendar of events.   Club is called Creek and Cave at 10-93 Jackson Avenue. 

Free comedy show on a Saturday evening?  What’s the catch?  None.  Not only is there no cover, there is no minimum.  My friend and I decide on the 8 p.m. show as well as sampling some of the Mexican cuisine menu.  

Deveka sets her GPS.   I think the “annoying lady voice” wanted us to get there later than we wished to be as she first took us to an address that wasn’t placed.   Heaven’s knows where “farkin annoying lady voice” was trying to do with directions.   We finally arrived to nearby street parking and entered the restaurant as there is a separate door for entrance to the club.

Seated, menus given, Brian warmly greeted us asking the age old question, “What would you like to drink?”   One called Soder read, Muddled cucumber and Simple Syrup, Soda, Lemon, Lime. Served with cucumber” sounded tasty as well as being decorating with a sprig of mint leaf.   No alcohol, but I guess with the lemon and lime I could say that I was “on acid”.

Must try the made from scratch guac!  Thumbs up! Out comes the chips and salsa.  

I was interested in that Chef Victor de Larosa

makes his own pulled pork. Ordered a flauta to find that the tortillas are made on the premises.    We shared the app (short for appetizer, not the computer thing) and each delved into our own  Steak Fajita Platter of steak and veggies with added shrimp.  Platter came with tortillas, black beans, rice, cheddar cheese and sour cream.   We probably could have shared this one but Deveka wanted hers with roasted jalapenos.  

Desserts are a treat here!  Creations with churroz.   Two circular with ice cream in the middle.  Choice of Mexican chocolate that has a kick of cayenne or salty caramel.   Another dessert utilizes a tortilla stuffed with banana and pineapple.  


Time for the show, Brian offered to bring in the desserts.   You can go through a door that leads into the club.   Seating is both chairs in the back and cabaret style with small round tables.  We sat in the front.  Menu of app food and drinks in case you wish.   Someone quietly comes around taking your order during the show.

This show called “Shoot the Shite!” that had a few comedians doing the emcee position with their comedy as well as four other comedians.  

All of the shows here are free of charge, but I suggest you take advantage of the food and drink menu. Prices are pretty reasonable. Food is quite good.  There are some shows that do charge to include food such as a “BBQ” listing when for $5 you get a hot dog and fries.  A VIP ticket of $40 will get you seat in the studio, food and unlimited drinks. 

I also brought Esther and Eunice, my rubber chickens.  In response, one of the comedians slipped out to buy me a huge whoopee cushion, which which after testing, got autographed. 


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