Monday, August 18, 2014


There is a lot of space in my home occupying two floors of a house, one of which is a finished basement with that basic cemented tile floor.  It accumulates the most dirt and dust as well as the location of my bathroom and the kitty litter area.  Not only did I want that cleaned, I wanted the floors of my kitchen and dining room done.  The living room has carpeting and I have no problem in using a vacuum.  As far as the kitchen, I don’t need anyone to wash my dishes or clean the top of my stove.   I get in touch with nymaids to make an appointment.

They are sending one person for four hours.  I am making a priority list and viewing a checklist of what I need to supply. It tells me that the person can shop for the items and give me the bill if I choose.   I have all but a large bucket.

She shows up, sees my cats and tells me that she is allergic to them.  She then asks if I have a mask.  Not on the list, but I happen to have some dust masks.   Now she asks if I speak Spanish and tell her that I don’t.  She is speaking to me in English so I am making the assumption that she understood English as well.  Wrong assumption as I later find out.

I tell her that I have priorities on what has to be done.   She begins to go the kitchen sink as I tell her that I do not need that area cleaned but do need the floors cleaned.  I then tell her that it is the basement that needs to be cleaned first.

Due to my needing a cane to walk, it is difficult for me to go up and down the stairs often.  Her first upset was seeing the floor that surrounded the cat litter.   She asked for the vacuum cleaner and I told her that she first needed to sweep the floors.  

She used one of those Swiffer type mops.  There were places that the cats had thrown up and the stuff had hardened.   I pointed out that she did not clean it well but she ignored it.   At another point I watched her clean one area and it was obviously not cleaned up.  She was trying to use a soft brushed broom dipped in water and it just did not work.   I told her that she needed to use a brush (of which it was listed as supplies).   I got that she did not want to get down on the floor let alone do any bending.  I gave her a broom with a hard brushed bottom of which could be screwed off so you can dip it into the sudsy water. 

When she went to do the bathroom I told her that she needed to do the corners signaling the direction with my hands.  I later found that it wasn’t done.

I pointed to an area just under the stairs that needed to be swept and washed.  It didn’t get done.   It was basically that I would ask, she would say “yes” and not do it or the opposite.

I could hear the vacuum going in the basement as she kept it on even when she wasn’t using it.  I told her that she had to clean out the vacuum so that it would not accumulate.   That didn’t happen. Both vacuums needed to have the dirt dumped. 

As I sat in the living room I told her that I did not need the carpet vacuumed as it was something I could do myself.   She nodded as if she understood and then began vacuuming the carpet.  I had to repeat myself.

As she was ending her time I asked if she did the stairs which accumulates cat hair and kitty litter from their paws.   She said that she did and again later found that it wasn’t done.

I had also already told her that I needed the cat carrier cleaned out.   She kept washing around the outside. I told her, “no, I need the inside cleaned”.  She was not a happy camper as it needed a bit of scrubbing and she was ready to leave.   She used a lot of paper towels and finally used a sponge. 

She then called to her office telling me that I have to speak with her manager to tell her if everything was okay.   Now, she’s handing me her phone and standing right there.  Am I going to go through the entire scenario?   I also figured that if she said she did something it was done.

Having been tired and going out for the evening, I did not check all.  The next morning I look around the basement to see that things are moved.  I call the office to speak with the Sandy Galetovic, the General Manager and relate the experience.   One of her conclusions seemed to rest on this particular employee not begin requested as she usually was.   Perhaps it is time for her to take on another job. 

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