Wednesday, September 16, 2015


This is what I love about going to a butcher store.   Ottomanelli in Sunnyside.   I want to be able to cook meats quickly.  I requested about a pound of beef cut really thin.  They chose sirloin. It looked like rare roast beef.  I had to keep in mind that it was raw.

 Using my herb chopper, I combined a piece of lemongrass and fresh ginger.  Sauteed in a pan and added fresh scallions.  Dropped in 4 slices of the beef.  It took about two minutes to cook.  Beef was quite tender. 

Next was pork.  They chose the butt.   

I had taken the meat and divided it into portions.  Used a small portion cooked up with scallions and a bit of salt.  Short time later, added an egg into the pan and scrambled it.  Breakfast. 

Then there was lamb chosen from the leg.

I decided to have a poundish of ground turkey taken from the leg.  "It's juicier", he said.

Took a large portion of the ground turkey and combined it with an egg and Panko bread crumbs as well as some chopped ginger. Olive oil into the pan. Formed a large patty.  Tasted great. 

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