Sunday, September 6, 2015


Ronnybrook Farms products much needed   Went to the Green Market to stock up.  Got 1 bottle of the non-homogenized whole milk with cream on the top.  Two bottles of the chocolate milk (They didn't have coffee milk so I got two chocolates instead).  One strawberry and one blueberry/pomegranate drinkable yogurt.  Since I love the strawberry yogurt cups, I got 4 of them.  Ice cream, a must.  Two chocolate silks, one coconut with chocolate covered almonds.  One chocolate chip and one mint lace.  Lastly, one blueberry.  OMG.  They use those small sweet ones.  Hey, I'm getting all of this calcium, Vitamin D, yogurt culture and antioxidants.   Just have to indulge a little at a time.

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