Sunday, September 20, 2015


Fed up with Fedex.  Package winds up with a hole in the bottom  due to liquid soaking through.   Let’s start from the delivery.  I heard someone comes down the outside basement steps and quite noisy in its placement in front of a door that I cannot open from the inside due to it blocking the door.   It is obvious that it does so, but delivery services don’t care.  No tag on my front door as to its location.   Tracking online says it was delivered.  I called Fedex and although they were apologetic said there is nothing that they could do.  I demanded to first speak with a supervisor who called the local Fedex from where it came out.  I spoke with supervisor Ozier Hastings demanding that he send the driver back, retrieve it from the basement door and put it in front of my house.  I told Ozier that I have trouble walking and it would take a bit of time for me to get to the door.  

I could see two figures going up my front doorsteps and the doorbell ringing.   It rang again as I was making my way to the door.   They were gone when I opened the door and this 20 lb box was sitting there.  I managed to drag in the box first noticed that there was a partial opening.   I then opened the box to find something leaking.   The product seemed closed and in a plastic bag.  It had to have taken some mishandling in order for the leakage to occur.   After getting out each of the products I happened to look at the bottom of the box to see a hole made by the leakage.   I did not care about getting the apology from Ozier.  He is responsible for his employees.  I wanted to have him confront the employee and ask why he did not put up a sign as well as mishandling the package.  If it did leak and had a hole at the bottom, he should have put a comment on a tag regarding the condition of the product.   It’s an “ I just need to drop off a package and get on to the next stop” attitude.  “Let the sender pay for another shipment. Not my problem”.   Ozier promised to confront the employ and get back with me on what he said.  Didn’t happen. 

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