Sunday, May 5, 2013


Evening theatre pairs with dinner usually chosen by menu, price, reputation and moreso…location.  Heartland Brewery has several locations, one of which is just across the street from the newly renovated Sondheim Theatre on W. 43rd Street to see The Trip To Bountiful.  Some people enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.  I prefer a tasty beer.  

With its own brewery located in the Fort Greene area of Brooklyn, the offerings are pretty much all of their own and with a wide range of choices.  Blue Moon, Stella Artois, and Kwak have become my favorites.  Here I was able to get a flight of six different beers placed on a wooden plate indicating the number to coincide with the list.  

Indian River Light Ale – with accents of fresh orange and hint of coriander.  Cornhusker Lager – golden lager crafted from Midwestern malts and flaked with sweet corn.  Harvest Wheat Beer – straw-colored  traditional American wheat beer made with malted red wheat and barley served with a lemon wedge (my favorite).  Red Rooster Ale – Carmel and Munich malts give this red ale flavors of rich toffee and roasted nut and adding American hops. Indian Pale Ale – golden color and aggressive bittering hops.  Farmer Jon’s Oatmeal Stout – hearty and creamy oatmeal stout with hints of espresso and dark chocolate of which I did appreciate.

I also sampled their combo of Apple Cider with a raspberry liquor and non-alcoholic sodas that they produce and are on tap.  Black cherry was favored on this.

Let me get to the food.  I dined with my writer-friend Renee Gordon.    She ordered the onion rings for an appetizer while I selected the Buffalo Chicken Spring rolls accompanied by a spicy “buffalo sauce” and creamy blue cheese.   We both opted for the St. Louis Ribs that were so “fall off the bone” that there was nothing left on the bone after forking it off.   Came with choice of potatoes of which I had the hand cut sweet potato fries.  

Although stuffed, I had to sample a dessert . Bread Pudding with cranberry and apple, run sauce topped with cinnamon ice cream.  Yum on everything.

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