Thursday, May 9, 2013


Attention friends! It is more than safe to come to my house.  You know all that dust and dirt you keep pointing out to me?  It's all gone thanks to a company called The Sparkle Center.  Yes, I know that I have been putting it off until the winter is over and I can open my windows...the summer is over and the windows are open and brought in more it won't matter...and there is an excuse for the Spring and Fall...if such seasons actually do exist now.

This is what happens when you don't have allergies as well as being forgetful...just having so many things on your mind.  For instance I would actually notice the clump of dust attached to the ceiling fans, acknowledge that I have to clean it but go yet to another task...not necessarily a chore.

When an email came regarding offers, I saw this one where they come into your home and clean for 3 hours, one person, for a cost of $59.  I is my chance to get the things cleaned that I just can't do...the bathroom floor, the bathroom tub, the collected grease on my kitchen walls, cabinets...washing the floors while they are at it, etc.

I checked the website of The Sparkle Center to notice something of more importance regarding cleaning.  It is owned and operated by Anita Kutayiah, a 20 year veteran in the retail and cleaning industry and Chandra Ramsammy, a former Director of Operations and Financial Director in fashion industry.  They use Eco-friendly products.  I only had to provide the garbage bags and they provided the rest. I also noticed that they are fully bonded and licensed.  That's also important in having strangers coming into my home.

The bathroom...the tub was cleaned so well that I even considered taking a body won't allow me as even if I got into a tub, I would not be able to get out of it without requesting that the fire department bring three strong ones.

You know those corners that build up....they found them.  You have to move things around in the kitchen to get to the floors.  Dirt loves to play Hide and Seek.  I want to see some before and after photos.  If I put up the before photos you'd probably point me as being a slob and the after photos make it just look as if I were simply moving into a clean and renovated apartment.

Oh, yeah...the house smells clean and without the smell of chemicals.

The price is an offer from  but not much more than if you called them directly.   Next cleaning?  I must get the finished basement floor washed, let alone biting the dust!  The website is

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