Friday, May 10, 2013


Yeah folks I went to good old Stop and Shop which has to change their name to Stop and Check.  It started when I brought home a rotisseire chicken simply because I was absolutely too tired to cook and on Friday they sell them for 2 for 11 dollars.

I unload the packages and put things away before hoping to enjoy my dinner.  Appetizer of sushi was just fine.  I can always count on that because the guy who makes it doesn't work for Stop and Shop.

The chicken is still warm as I grabbed one that was "under that lamp".   I cut it open to find that the meat is raw at the bones.

I am about to call Stop and Check when I decide to look at my receipt.   I first notice that despite giving my "card" to the cashier the price of milk does not reflect the discount of 30 cents.  I had also handed a rain check to the cashier allowing me to get a free Hagen Daz gelato with the purchase of two pints of their regular ice cream on sale a 2 for 7 dollars.  Didn't give me the cold bag thing as noted in ad.

Cat food on sale 24 for 10 dollars...Friskies.. the 5.5 ounces...when  it's that price I need to stock up.  When I buy the cat food at that price or another sale when its 20 for 10 dollars I bag it.  I bag everything I buy so that when I get to the register, what is in each bag is what I want back it that bag.  It is much easier for me as bags are now separated in categories....I even bring an insulated bag so that I know that that bag has everything that needs to go into the freezer or refrigerator first.  Okay....anyway.  I wound up with two bags each having 24.  However, my receipt shows that I have four more.  The cashier scanned each can but it didn't look as if it were done correctly....which is why I checked.

I call the store and speak with a manager on duty by the name of Rog.  He said that he is new and only working there for a month.  I first tell him about the chicken and ask if the policy of getting double my money back was still being honored.  He didn't know.  He had to ask a cashier who said that I needed to bring back the chicken in order to get my money back.  I asked him how long should I keep the chicken as I'm not coming in like the next day....the cashier tells him that I should put it in my refrigerator.  I just did my shopping so how long do you think it's going to hang there before it stinks up my refrigerator....a week?

I called the next day to talk with the store manager.  She told me to throw away the chicken and bring in the receipt and she'll take care of all. 

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