Thursday, May 30, 2013


My washing machine was having huge problems. I was contemplating as the whether it was worth fixing. In the meantime, things built up.  Linens, towels, bathrobes....items that I would rather have cleaned in hot water.  Then, of course there is the clothing. I could wash my underwear in the sink and then dry it  in the well as a few other items.'s true that if you put a dry towel in the dryer with your clothing, it takes less time to dry...also, if you want to get the wrinkles out of clothing, put a damp towel and take out the clothing about 5 minutes after the heat hits it.

Now I look at the price that I pay to do my own laundry in the house.  The amount of electricity and water adds to both the electric bill and water bill.  I could bring my loads of laundry to a laundromat but it would also cost me the $5.00 in transportation since I cannot walk the 10 blocks.

A came across Lins Jamaica Laundromat at 95-06 Jamaica Avenue in Woodhaven with a sign saying that they will do the work for 70 cents per pound.  They will also pick up and drop off the laundry for free.

I decided to try it out.  I stuffed four pillow cases of laundry separating the three hot water items and one of rest of the clothing.  It wound up costing me $25 including purchasing a laundry bag.  All was clean, folded and made my entire house smell fresh from the fabric softener.

Needless to say with a pickup and drop off you have to rely on their weighing it...or you can hold each bag and do the step on scale thing before they pick it up. 

Well worth it!  Now that the weather is getting hot....what happened to Spring?   I think it's time to wash the bed covers! 

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