Friday, March 7, 2014


I feel much better here at the Douglaston Fairway Market.  I know where everything is...just about. Two holidays are bestowing upon us.  Purim (on the 15th) and Saint Patrick's Day (on the 17th). Purim is not a big Jewish Holiday when it comes to what you eat.  Being a Jewish holiday there's always wine and challah bread involved.

I checked online to see about any traditions other than dressing up as Queen Esther or King Ahasuerus. Drinking lots of wine, partying and eating Hamantashen.

I began in the produce section buying leafy greens, green cabbage, avocados and artichokes.

There was a small selection of wines near the cheese area. Actually, the label read “Wine Product”.  It’s unusual that the Fairway Market would be selling wine.  Got a Pinot Grigio, a brand that I never had before.  It wasn’t until I got home that I tasted and read the label much closer than I did when buying.  I did wonder what “Wine Product” meant.   Looking at the ingredients…there is wine…as well as added water, sugar and “juice”. BTW, when people ask if I do something "religiously", I say, "Yes, I wear a yarmulke and pray when I do it".  

Despite the choices of smoked salmon, I passed it up this time, but did buy their Ben's Cream Cheese. It doesn't have any additives and goes great on challah.

Soda Bread is the traditional Saint Patty's Day bread. It contains raisins.  To compromise I bought a challah bread with raisins.

Soda Bread and lots of beer of the Irish variety.  Me?  I love the Belgian variety.  Fairway has a huge array of beer both in six-pack and single. Mix raspberry in a Belgian beer and I'm happy.

Although the green cupcakes looked tempting, they aren't really my thing.

As for the Hamantashen, Fairway made, I chose the raspberry and the apricot.  Later tasted it.  Either I've never had good Haman or they make it great!  The pastry part is almost like a soft cookie texture and flavor as well.

They always have one sushi roll that is on sale.  I don't know about the other Fairway locales, but this has people behind this private counter creating the sushi all day.

Now I'm ready to check out Fairway's Barreled Corned Beef.  So worth the price as it is not "cryovacked". The corned beef are large enough for you to see the "flat" and "back" part.  It's your choice.  The butcher recommended the back part which has more fat and tastier.  We both agreed that you can simple cut the fat off.

I was picking up some chicken backs to make a broth when I spotted fresh rabbit, duck breast and quail.  Bought the quail.  Will try to stuff or at least using my new chopper to come up with a great combo of herbs and spices.

I have yet to use my new Kitchen Master. I'm going to have the inventor talk on my radio show to guide me and then have him on later after I have actually used it a few time.

Picked up some ice cream.  Haggen Daz was on half price.  I normally don't buy the brand due to whatever goes in when there is other than the ice cream itself.  I bought Coffee and Chocolate.  Had to get some Three Twins Ice Cream as well.  I have a stash of Fairytale Brownies and I want to make up some dessert ideas.  So far I took the Vanilla Bean ice cream and stirred in pieces of the plain brownie for my rendition of Brownies and Cream.

Stephen Fosdick, the General Manager, and I were discussing the fact that March is Frozen Food Month.  There is a food demo coming up their on the 16th.  Check the website for times. It's really an ad campaign and it's the 31st year of the annual freeze. 

Frozen pre-made meals, although included, may not be something you would prioritize.  You may want to look more towards frozen vegetables, fruits and meats. Stocking your freezer with these items is recommended and may actually help you eat and cook more often at home. Here are some reasons you may want to pack your freezer with these items:

Frozen vegetables contain more nutrients than canned vegetables and are easy and convenient to cook. Some frozen vegetables actually contain more nutrients than fresh produce, because frozen foods are processed when they are ripe, whereas many fresh vegetables are picked before they ripen to lengthen their shelf life. Frozen vegetables are great in casserole dishes, soups or just steamed or microwaved as a side dish. Frozen fruits and berries are great for smoothies, oatmeal and baking. Frozen fish and chicken are convenient for those days you don’t have time to get to the supermarket.

Needless to say there is no substitute for ice cream and products of that ilk.  

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