Thursday, March 13, 2014


I have Verizon Fios.  Problem comes up with the television.  Things like watching a show and it interrupts as if some words were being edited, or just black out for a few seconds and come back.  Then errors were showing on the box.  Had to keep reloading.  Okay, so I call and make an appointment.  

A guy comes to my house and changes the box, does something with each of the wires....just goes to town and spends a few hours trying to fix.  It seems to be okay after he leaves.

Less than a month later, I'm having problems.  They have me make an appointment on, let's say, Wednesday between 11 am and 2 p.m.  

It is Tuesday morning when my phone rings at 8 a.m. and I am still asleep.  I do not get up and answer a phone.  Too many marketing people who keep telling me that it's the last time they are going to call me.  I have an answering machine.  At 8:30 I hear my doorbell...keeps ringing....banging at the door.  I'm thinking that there is some emergency.  Too early for a package that I'm not waiting for.  It takes a long time for me to get to my front door from where I sleep.  I grab my bathrobe and make my way towards the door.  Telephone rings and it's a guy from Verizon.

He tells me that he sees this on a list and that he is in the area.  I told him that my appointment isn't until tomorrow.  He asks what the problem is.  I tell him that he just woke me up and I will deal with this tomorrow.  

I call Verizon for a confrontation that they were not looking to have.   They think that the guy was doing me a favor.  I told them that the guy is being selfish.  An argument continues as after I talk to a tech person I now talk with a customer service rep.  I want them to take money off of my bill for the upset and eventually get it....after speaking to a supervisor.

It is Wednesday and I get the "half hour before arriving" phone call.  I am alone at this time and a female.  He tells me that there is a second person with him.  I am also a senior citizen with a problem walking.  Why would I give two male strangers access to my home to walk around and not be able to follow them?  

I tell the guy to forget it.  I think about whether to make an appointment.  On Thursday, not having to go out and things to do, I am in my robe.  The phone's a guy from Verizon who says he's in the area and can be at my home in 20 minutes.  "I didn't make an appointment", I told him and it's not going to happen. 

Later, Verizon calls me about rescheduling the appointment from Wednesday.  

Now, let me add another thing.  There is some 11 dollar charge for "security online" and I had told them to remove it.  After talking with someone I decided to take it and told them to put it back. 

I get an email saying that I need to download or upload...whatever.  My computer doesn't seem to want to do this.  I call and ask, "If you were able to uninstall this feature, why can't YOU install it?"  They tell me that they can't do it.   

I had a conversation with someone who used to work for Verizon.   As it turns out, Verizon employs contractors who get paid by the jobs that they do.  So, if they can do mine, it's money for the contractor.  Any stealing something, breaking something, checking out your home to see if you have valuables, etc.  it's not Verizon's issue because it is not a Verizon employee.

If you request service tell the you want a Verizon employee and not to send out a contractor. 

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