Monday, March 17, 2014


I had never heard that March was National Food Month.  Although I tend to steer away from supermarkets on the weekend, Fairway Market in Douglaston was having food demos and their weekend tastings.

Since it is best to buy frozen foods just prior to the trip to the register, I first walked around checking out the food tastings.

One of the most crowded areas of the store is the deli counter.  There were a few tastings happening there thanks to their marketing person Ann who does the fancy setups.

Fairway's deli ham was one and their store made empanadas was the other.  Empanadas good but too spicy for me.

I continued past the cheese to the bakery area to see something called Beer Bread

Wake up and smell the coffee?  Had to get a pound of their Fairway blend.

As I was continuing towards the frozen food aisles I saw another display of their fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil.  Had to get it.

Sea salt...saw this display and it reminded me that I ran out of it.  Since olive oils were there as well, I got one of Fairway's EVOO.

Now it's time to hit the frozen food area.  I encounter General Manager Stephen Fosdick to find out what it's all about, what can be obtained and which aisles.

A few more ice cream demos from different companies.  Adirondack and Sweet Scoops.  Sweet Scoops turned out to be a frozen yogurt but I did not get the "sour" taste that would determine that.  The company is located in Portsmouth, NH.  I guess I must have missed going to them when I was doing my press trip.

So, here are the frozen food items that I purchased varying from Fairway's brand, to organic. Sweet Scoops is a frozen yogurt but does not have that "sour" taste at all.  Chocolate chips do not have any oils.  Loved the dutch chocolate and ginger. 

 pizza descent but fresh is best
 not frozen but had to get these snacks.  vegetable chips are addicting. 

I like to mix a few and enjoy with nothing on it

These were better than I thought.  A bit spicy but savory.   Easy to heat up since they are pre-cooked.

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