Sunday, November 25, 2012


What's with companies not have integrity?  A car service in Richmond Hill ( boasts about their car service and drivers on their internet and when you're put on hold.  It's Wednesday at noon when I call BIG Q.   Granted that they showed up in about the five minutes that they said that they would.  At least I'll give them credit for that.  Driver even assisted me with my packages and I did tip him.  I asked him for a receipt as I needed it to submit for reimbursement to AAR.   He said that he would stop by on Thursday and bring it to me.  I told him that he could simply put the receipt through the mail slot in my door.

No receipt to be found on Thursday.  I call on Friday and speak with FREDDY and explain.  Freddy appears to be a dispatcher.  He tells me that if I want the receipt that I either have to come to the office or be charged for the trip to my house!  I tell him that it would cost me $4.50 round trip via AAR in order to do this.  By the way, we're talking about a receipt for $10.  He did take the information from me as to where to drop it along with saying that if any of the drivers happened to be in the area....

I ask who owns the company and he says, BENNY and MIGUEL.  He tells me that one of them will be there on Saturday morning.  I call and speak with Benny explaining it all.  I also tell him that I have no problem in filing a complaint.  A company registered with the TLC is required to give me a receipt if I ask for one.  Now BENNY takes my information and tells me that either one of the drivers will definitely drop off the receipt or he will do it himself, if necessary. 

BENNY also tells me that there are so many drivers that pick up at the store that I shopped at, that he doesn't know which driver.  I did give him the time and day.  Doesn't someone keep the books?  Don't the drivers have to keep a log?  

It is now Sunday afternoon.  No receipt and none of the owners are at the office.  Dispatcher tells me that he doesn't know when either of the owners will be coming in.  Yes, I will file a complaint with the TLC as well as claiming false advertising. 

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