Sunday, November 4, 2012


Just on the other side of the entrance to Lakeview Resort Gold & Spa is the Sunset Beach Marina the perfect spot to begin a boat ride along the 13-mile Cheat Lake.  A Pontoon boat was rented.  I love piloting a pontoon boat.  With minimal  instructions it's pretty easy. I just had to get a hang of how quick the boat turned when turning the wheel.  I took it up at different speeds but not the highest as I was more interested in viewing the lake for about an hour or so.

Barry Frey is the owner of the rental boats.  It was the last weekend that the boats were going out on the lake.  We waited for a sunny day as the weather, although great in temperature, was cloudy.  The exact address of the marina is 177 Sunset Beach Rd.  (304-594-0050)

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