Monday, November 26, 2012


There is a poem in the program entitled "Whispering". 

I am the dog you see on the chain
I am the cat you see in the drain

I am the friend who has no home
I am the stray who lives alone

I am the friend you helped today
I am the one you transported far away

I am the voice you hear in you head
I am the caged animal who often dreads

I am the opinion you are trying to change
I am the anger you feel, and the rage

I am the tears you cry when I am sick
I am the hurt you feel, but cannot fix

I am the voice in your head, when you cannot sleep
I am the reason for the long hours that you keep

I am the voice who desperately needs you
And if not you...then who?

I am whispering
and you are my voice

The show was entitled, "Zani's Furry Friends", a fundraiser , for this non-profit organization committed to rescuing companion animals from NYC's shelters. It was an evening of a slew of singers and instrumentalists that included Broadway star Sarah Rice (who didn't sing enough, as far as I'm concerned).

"Love Makes The World Go Round" was the opening number for the entire cast. We then met the two co-hosts, singer/actress Dana Lorge and Sydney Myer, who is the booking manager for the club Don't Tell Mama.

So here's how it went. Dana introduced Richard Skipper, known for his portrayal of Carol Channing. Dana sang, "I am Your Friend", quite a funny song.  Sydney sang, "Look For the Bare Necessities".  Up came Len Cariou (who you are presently seeing playing Tom Selleck's father on Blue Bloods) singing, "Clang, Clang, Clang Goes the Trolley".  Edd Clark, co-founder of the New Opera Group in NYC, got in a little ditty called, "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas".  Sue Matsuki followed with a very funny song entitled, "The Pretty Little Dolly".  She is teamed up with Edd for a Christmas show.

Rich Flanders and Joanne Yeoman humored us with a song, "Nobody's Perfect", followed by Richard Skipper, singing a medley from Hello Dolly but not in a Carol Channing voice.  Break in the singing to have two pianists, Mark Janas and Matthew Martin Ward, do several renditions of "How Much Is That Doggy In the Window" as they kept switching positions at the piano.  It was quite entertaining to watch the fete.

Rich Flanders, with Jonathan Russell on the Violin, sang a Marty Robbins tune "Man Walks Among Us Be Still". Eve Weiss sang a song about a pig while strumming on her guitar.  Following her was Carol Demas (the original Sandy in Broadway's Grease) put forward a great performance of "Everybody's Got a Home, But Me".  It was then Joanna Morton Gary's turn (known for being a Catskill performer), who sang, "Don't Let Me Go".

Steve, "the whistler" Herst whistled out, "Bring Me Home" and it was superb.  Jonathan Russell then performed solo on his violin.  Out came Emily Buttner, Celia Burke and Sarah Rice with "Sing For Your Supper" dedicated to birds.  Steve Saari, another fabulous pianist performed classical variations of the song, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic".  Final number was "I Happen to Like New York" sung by Celia Burke.

Cast came out for finale, bows and thunderous applause!  It was one helluva show!  A smorgasbord of fantabulous entertainment that raised a few thousand for the cause. 

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