Thursday, November 15, 2012


Although my particular area did not experience a loss of electricity during the hurricane, I wanted to make sure I was geared up for the NorEaster that followed.  Flashlights. Did I have any or enough?  I guess a lot of other folks had the same idea as a large local supermarket was out of them.  They had batteries, but I doubt that they were ones that worked with flashlights. 

I decided that I don't want to risk another storm hearing about flashlights that you either shake or wind up.  I googled and found a company called Applied Innovative Technology.  Their newest flashlight was called NightStar JP, no battery flashlight that you shake for about 30 seconds or so and it produces the energy to light LED "bulbs".  It has a waterproof housing, can withstand being dropped a whole lot, and lasts long enough to will it to someone. Oh yeah. Point and you can see over 100 feet ahead.

Another product, Vortex Dynamo Underwater Crank Flashlight, contains a NIMH rechargeable battery.  You crank it up and get three lights.   The two side ones are smaller "bulbs" and emit a good amount of light.  Click it again and the middle one lights up even brighter.  In fact, when I tested it out in the dark, I placed the unit on top of my dining room table pointing it toward the ceiling as the whole room lit up as if a moon were shining.  Click it a third time and the light goes back and forth from the two to the one for when you're outside in an emergency.   To add to it, there is an adapter to plug into your cellphone to recharge it. 

Shopping for the holidays and looking for a present that someone will truly appreciate?  Check out their website as you won't find them in the stores.  Keep in mind that if you come across these type of items in the store that they may not be the best value.  If you're shaking, is there a battery inside?  If so, you don't want that.  Waterproof? Shockproof?  What I like about the NightStar is that you can see the inside. 

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