Thursday, October 31, 2013


I was excited to hear the Cindi Lauper was performing at the Kupferberg Center at Queens College hear in New York.  Colden Auditorium is large and has great acoustics.  But that didn't help trying to watch her perform.

Let's begin with the signs all over the place saying "no photos or video".  I brought my small camera. A lot of people apparently brought their iphones and ipads.  I was seated in the last row of the orchestra.  I barely saw her as it was but now we have people standing up.

It was like people first stood up to applaud but then no one was sitting down.  They were all waiting for the people in front of them to sit.  I couldn't keep standing up.  It wasn't as if there was such excitement that people had to stand or dance at their seat or even dance in the aisles.  They were like lemmings.

The ushers did no more than simply take people to their seats.  If they were to at least motion to the people in front to sit, the other lemmings would follow.

She was good. But I was unable to see her.  I mean, I might as well have listened to a recording.

I did take some videos.  So, here they are.

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