Thursday, October 17, 2013


I have an internet radio show on blogtalkradio.  When I am going about experiencing what I write about, I those connected if they would like to be a guest on the radio show.  I consider it to be a extra venue for publicity.  Coming back from Portsmouth, I look for certain guests to represent the attraction or restaurant that I attended.  

One place was center in Portsmouth.  A tour of the facilities was given by Maryellen Burke, who was quite pleasant and knowledgeable.   Part of the tour included watching a short movie.  An historian, J. Dennis Robinson was doing much narrating.  Maryellen revealed that the he is her husband.

Setting up the radio show, I requested Maryellen to call in and she agreed.  A few days prior to the scheduled show,  she emailed me saying that she was ill and suggesting that I get in touch with her husband who would be able to take her place.  She gave me his email address and phone number.

I emailed as well as called and left a message.  Neither was returned.  Deciding to give people some extra time, I postponed the show until the following day (  

I received the following from him today.

"Merle -- Hope I got email straight. Newspaper deadline. You called my number re: a show of some sort, but not sure what it is. I think my wife Maryellen  forgot to mention that she was signing me up for something. I'm not available today (Thursday) and Maryellen is running her... center which is headquarters of ... Not sure what your show is or what you do other than a few clicks on your Web site. Travel? History? I'm working on a book now due out in 2014 on the ..... and that might be a good topic for next year when it is published.  Thanks for thinking of me, if you were, but why -- I'm still not sure.  If you could tell me a little about what you do via email, that would be great. Saw the WHIRLS web site, but not quite certain. Can you send a link to a sample show podcast?"

I had emailed him basically saying that his wife suggested that I call him to be on the show since she was ill.   So, let's look at this.

The first part tells me that they did not communicate.  You would have thought that she would mention this to him or he would have asked her about it.  

Now we get to the part that begins, "Not sure what your show is".   My emails have a signature at the end with links to the publications that I write for as well as the radio show and my blog.  
Then he says "or what you do other than a few clicks on your Web site".  I do not have a link to my website in the signature as it is not up to date.  However, there are links to the blog and radio show.  He obviously did not want to get this information but decided to be condescending.  It is even more obvious to me as rather than responding to the email address that I sent to him, he went to that website where I am able to be contacted.  It is forwarded to me and I can see that it came from someone looking at that website. 

He then continues by making it clear as to how important he is and then wants a sample?  Is he kidding?  Does he think he is doing me a favor?   I related this to someone who knows him and the person said, "I'm surprised he didn't ask for money".   

There's nothing like an indignant and condescending man to stir my anger.  Needless to say, I will be omitting information. 

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