Sunday, November 17, 2013


No, I did not devour everything obtained from last shopping.  I want to stock up for a few weeks as there is much news to cover for both the newspapers as well as my radio show.

Found another brand of milk called Sky Top Farms.  Not only is it organic, it is not homogenized. The cream goes to the top of the container.  Now, that's the way I remember my milk when it was delivered in bottles.

Over at the butcher counter, I spoke with Rich who told me that all of the Dry Aged Porterhouse steaks are not the same. What?  It depends upon the cut that you get...first, center.  Is there a "porterhouse"  pork chop?  Sort of.  The center cup chop also has a part similar to the T-bone tenderloin and strip, labeled as "corn fed center cut".  Got a package of rib tips from the shelf area.

Fairway's brand of chicken is antibiotic-free.  Picked up a whole chicken, chicken thighs and a package of chicken backs to make a stock.  

I bought more of the lemon sole.  They had wild caught fresh flounder filet as well.   Thought I'd stick with what I already enjoyed.   Purchased about a half pound of dry sea scallops.   After reading about the difference between the "dry" and "wet",  I will forever make sure that they are "dry".   I'm sure that the dry are always more expensive wherever you shop.  Will interview the fishmonger on how you can be sure you are purchasing the fish that is labeled.  

Got a few organic apples to experiment with in terms of making a cranberry-apple sauce or just juicing the two.  Chose a fuji and a gala. 

Food tastings going on in most of the areas.  You can expect this most Saturdays and Sunday at this location in Douglaston. 

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