Monday, November 11, 2013


Artistic Director Maryellen Pierce does it again with a sparkling production of Legally Blonde the Musical.  Can the timing be better?   Both Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde II have been hitting the tv screen on more than one channel, like a marathon.   Just in case, I’ll cite the plot as I cite the actors who portray…but maybe not all 30 or so. 

Legally Blonde the Musical is based upon the movie with a few changes to adapt the “musical”.  Let’s begin with Elle Woods (Brittany Juilfs), the blonde and sorority sister of Delta Nu, who is in love with Warner Huntington III (Christian Barnes) and expecting an engagement ring.  Wrong. He’s off to Harvard Law School and wants a “serious” gf for his political future.  What is a girl to do but make her way into Harvard as well.

It seems that Warner has now found another gf, Vivienne Kensington (Dena Cique) and Elle’s upset brings her to beauty salon where Paulette Bounofuonte (Amanda Doris) works as Elle spills her story and vice versa.  Paulette split up with her longtime boyfriend Dewey (Erik Neilssen), who has their dog Rufus…yes, it’s a real dog…one of two who steal the show.  Btw, it is Erik’s dog.

Callahan (Gene Ferrari) is her professor and lawyer Emmett Forrest (Paul Regan) works for him.   Up comes a case as Callahan assigns some of his students to assist.   Who is chosen?  Enid Hoopes (Angel Vail), a lesbian along with Warner, Vivienne and Elle.  Perfect team for the plot.
They are defending Brooke Wyndham (Britain Gebhardt) who is accused of killing her husband.  The so called witnesses are the daughter and pool boy.  

Let’s get back to Paulette.  Kyle (also played by Erik) is the UPS guy who sexily struts and says, “I have a package for you.”  Another show stealer!   The whole scenario of Paulette falling for Kyle and vice versa  is quite humorous. 

Skip to the trial. It is the pool boy, Nikos (Nelson J. Rocha) and Kiki (Amanda Montoni, the deceased’s daughter, testifying that they saw Brooke standing over the dead body.  Nikos says that he and Brooke had been having an affair.   Elle’s gaydar senses the truth as the cast breaks into “There! Right There! Is he gay or European?  Emmet’s questioning exposes him and his lover, Carlos (Clarence P. Ilanan).  

Ultimately, it’s Kiki who killed her father, Brooke winds up with Emmet and Paulette marries Kyle.
Aside from some kinks of set changing, the show went quite well.  Between the choreographer David Arzberger and the Dance Captain Amanda Montoni dance numbers were well done and in sinc.   Musical Director Paul Johnson did a fine job not only with the band but getting each actor, no matter how large or small the part, to sing on key. 

Show “stealers”:  Amanda Doris for her song belting and comedic facial expressions; Erik Neilssen for both his sexy walking and his dog.  “Elle’s” dog.  

For less than 20 bucks you can’t beat an evening of comedy, song and talented “unknowns”.   Final performances take place on November 16, 8 p.m.; November 17th , 3 p.m.  FSFCTG is located at 41-60 Kissena Blvd, in downtown Flushing. For tix call: 718-428-8681

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