Thursday, November 14, 2013


I attended a cooking demo and dinner at the Fairway Market's Cafe on Broadway and 74th Street as Chef Mitchel London shared his recipes and secrets to cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

Prior to the cooking demo we were treated to a glass of wine and passed around hors d'eouvres of Fairway's smoked salmon (lox) on black bread.  I actually did a tasting of various smoked salmons at Fairway and determined that their own brand was less salty and less expensive than the others.

Apple pie was the first item to work on.  Why dessert to start?  It was to be the finish for our dinner, so it had to be prepared perfectly and baked.  His secrets on  making a great apples pie? Don't use lard in the crust....butter is better.  Don't buy a ready-made frozen crust. Cut the apples in thin slices.


We then went on to talking turkey stuffing.   Chef Mitchel does not believe in stuffing the turkey but rather making it separately.  Concern about any possible salmonella.  Does it make a difference in taste?  Somewhat.  You may not be getting all the fat drippings but some of these drippings will be used in making the gravy.  Two dressings were demoed, one using corn bread,  Since each of the items had been pre-cooked, we were all given a sample to taste.  The second dressing included mushrooms and sausage, which went into the oven.  That one was delicious as well.

Yes, there was a talk about how to cook a turkey and suggestions of what to use (including butter).  Although it left the demo table, we were not sampling as it was not part of our final dinner.

Cranberry relish was next on the list.  I will do my best to duplicate using oranges...although I believe it is the rind that is made use of.   Passed around tastes of this was delightfully experienced.

When it comes to candied yams, Chef Mitchel believes in yams, vs sweet potatoes.  Sugar and lots of butter.  They were prepared in front of us, cooked up and got a sampling. OMG!

There were many questions from the attendees, all of which were answered.

Here is a peek at the baked apples pie and candied yams.

As for our dinner, our plate was full with baked chicken, baby carrots, corn bread stuffing, peas, small white potatoes and gravy. More wine with the meal or bottled water if we wished.   Warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped the meal.

I look forward to the next food demo.  For Thanksgiving recipes, go to

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