Thursday, December 19, 2013


I recently placed an order through  The next day I received 3 emails regarding “my order number”, each a different one.  I did open the mail and it gave instructions via an attachment.  I did not open that in case of a virus.  I did look at my Amazon account and looked up the order numbers to find that there was nothing associated with them…not that I expected that there was.   WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE PRIVACY AGREEMENT? 

I called customer service and got someone in Texas.   One thing that I learned (amongst others) from taking EST (Erhard Seminars Training) is that I should not complain to anyone who can’t do something about it.  I requested the phone number to the Corporate Office.   She kept placing me on hold and asking “the team leader” questions via email.  I could not comprehend how someone is working at a job where they have no idea how to get in touch with the corporate office other than the willingness to give me an address.  The conversation is now 50 minutes long when I am finally connected to “the team leader”.  That conversation lasts 2 minutes and I am hung up on. 

Thank goodness for search engines.   I easily find the location and phone number of 206-266-1000 and connect.   The person tells me that this seems to be happening lately and has “no connection with Amazon”.   Did I forget to say that I got 2 more of these emails the next day?   Considering that one of the pieces of information given to Amazon is my email address there seems to be a coincidence…no? 

I did request compensation for all of the aggravation and did get something.   I am persistent!   What you first say is, “What are you willing to do to keep me as a customer?” A company may either make an offer or ask you.   When I spoke to a person in Texas, they offered to give me a credit of what I just purchased toward my next purchase.   “After this occurrence, why would I want to make a future purchase?”   This is what finally brought me to seeking out the company’s phone number. 
Another coincidence…no more false emails!  Who are they selling the list to? 

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