Tuesday, December 24, 2013


While shopping at Fairway (I love finding new things) I looked into the varieties of ice creams, especially ones that are not full of air.  One brand made me reminiscent of eating at a Japanese restaurant.  Mr. Green Tea struck my attention as the flavors were: green tea, ginger, and red bean.  
I am a dessert addicted person…just need for something sweet after a meal.   A spoon of sugar won’t do it and many times, though being a chocoholic, that’s not exactly what I’m craving.  I prefer that perfect Fairytale Brownie as a snack with a glass of milk.   Not being sure which flavor, I bought a pint of each.

What’s inside? Only five ingredients: rbgh free milk and cream; pure cane sugar; hand-picked tea leaves (not green tea powder), imported azuki beans; or fragrant golden ginger.  Well packed and the pint weighed a pound.  Did they even put “air” into it?

I first tasted the ginger with the idea of it being “palate cleansing” and “refreshing”.   Ginger puree and pieces of ginger.  It was sweet but no sugary.  Just enough sugar for the “sweetness”.   Ginger was not as spicy as I anticipated.  That’s good because I wanted the taste of the ginger but not harsh enough to be refreshing. 

Next, was the green tea.  It was like having a high quality green tea that was cold, only a bit sweet and, of course, creamy.   Okay, I have to insert that I later topped a Fairytale Brownie with this.  If you think it odd, you have not tasted a chocolate truffle that has a green tea center.  

Red Bean has never been a favorite.   Obvious to me is that the one’s I’ve had at Japanese restaurants are not of the high quality ilk.  This one didn’t seem to be “grainy” and one I would either need to develop a taste for or decide what it paired with.  The ginger works so well with a chicken or fish meal.   

I called the company to request an interview on my internet radio show with Vice President, Michael Emanuele.  Mr Green Tea, not a “scoop shop”, which begat in Brooklyn, has been in this business for 50 years. Who knew? The products, in more high end restaurants, recently expanded to groceries in the tri-state area.

It looks as if there is a fourth flavor, Chai Latte.   Had to try it and made sure to be available for the UPS person.   WOW!  This one is the exception to the five ingredients due to the chai spices of: ginger, cinnamon, black tea, black pepper, allspice, nutmeg, cardamom and cloves.   I found the spices to be blended in a way of “enhancement” without any of them being overpowering.   More of a refreshing dessert than a palate cleanser.   I’d take it over eggnog any day!  Far cry from the years of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  www.mrgreenteaicecream.com

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