Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Off to Fairway Market in Douglaston to explore the Italian tradition of the Feast of Seven Fishes.  Fugetaoutit!  I'm seeking out fish other than the shellfish ilk starting with the appetizer counter.  I'm not sure if there is a difference in taste from a smoke whitefish chub or the full size white fish.  Already had a fact I grew up on them.  I tasted some of the fish salads...herring, baked salmon and white fish.  Prefer to make my own with a little mayo and fresh dill.

How about a jar of Taramosalata, a Greek fish roe whipped up with oil?

Challah bread and organic cream cheese is a must with these. 

 I then mosey over to the seafood counter to find that there is a large variety of fresh (not thawed out), whole, the thawed out kind and both wild and farmed. 

And here is the sign about the Feast of the 7 Fishes.

So what did I get?  A whole bronzino that I had them filet.  Already fileted: Grey sole, Flounder, and  Striped Bass.  Not sure how I'll be cooking it all.  Pan fry...broil.  Fish and chips?

Are there any special potatoes to use?  I saw a couple of packages of Vinny's. There seems to be a lot of produce from Vinny.  One was a small creamy Yukon potato, the other a small creamy white potato.  Does fish and potato salad count?  Mashed potatoes?  Hmmm...roasted potatoes.

Got a few organic lemons (I used some zest for a fish dish), organic cilantro, dill, horseradish, and Roland Panko bread crumbs. The bread crumbs come in three "flavors": plain, whole wheat and Italian style.  What's in the Italian style: white pepper, parsley leaves, Italian Seasoning (whatever that means), salt, onion powder, and garlic powder.

 Roland brand had a few other products that I wanted to try out.  Spreads.  Dulce de leche and a lingonberry jam. 

Fairway has their ready made coleslaw fixings.  I combine that with mayo, some salt to bring out the moisture of the cabbage, and sugar.  Let it stay in the frig for about 12 hours. That's it! 

Since I purchased the fresh fish, I wanted to make sure that I froze the portions properly.  I found a roll of Reynolds Freezer Paper and a box of zip lock freezer bags.  Yes, they even sell light bulbs!

Well, I did buy shrimp....frozen.  Taste test between two companies that each have frozen shrimp with no chemicals.  More about this another time.  Fairway has their own brand...cooked, shelled with the tail attached and with shell and deveined.  Does contain salt. The other brand is called Sea Touch Seafood which is packed in a block of ice and contains no salt. 

I finally tried the Apple Vinegar Drink.  OMG!  The apple part makes it sweet so it doesn't taste like apple cider vinegar.

Speaking of sweet, I looked for some dessert items. Fairway has a new item called Belberry Chocolate Sauce...other Belberry sauces as well.  Got one with fig and one with clementines.  They taste delicious but much too sweet for me.  I know I'm most likely supposed to put in on bread, considering that they are billed as "spreads".

I about ice cream?  I usually get Graeter's but I wanted to try out a few other brands none of which were chocolate.  Mr. Green Tea Ginger. Definite pieces of ginger. Would probably compliment a fish dish. "Hello grey sole. You are looking mighty tasty. Love your color."   Steve's Coffee with cinnamon...coconut milk instead of regular milk.  Gelato Fiasco Madagascar Vanilla Bean.  Of the three I enjoyed Mr. Green Tea Ginger the most.  I even experimented with placing drizzles of the new Fairway ginger flavored Vinegar Drink atop.   For not being something chocolate I applaud the combination!!

Another challenge.  Fairway brownie vs Fairytale brownie. Fudge-y.  But doesn't hold a chocolate covered candle to Fairytale.  I guess that is why the Fairytale website is  

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