Thursday, January 12, 2012


I decided that I needed a good ergonomic chair as I sit at my computer. With all of the online stores, I just went for Overstock dot com. The big "O" should now stand for "odorous" as far as I'm concerned. I had to ask a friend to put the chair together and I detected an odor from it. At first I thought that it was just a "new chair" odor until I got just what the smell was...mildew and mold.

I called the company to get some "nice" customer service person who had a list of what to do. She offered a 20 percent discount but agreed that having the smell of mold around me wasn't good. They want me to return the chair. They want me to take the chair apart. They will have UPS pick it up. I'm not in any shape these days to either take it apart or put one together. It's one of the things that require your sitting down the floor. I explained this. They would send me another chair and wait until I had it put together and then get the one that I have taken apart and put into the box that the second chair came with.

They suggested that I find a box big enough to put the entire chair into and then have UPS pick it up. It has all become my responsibility when they are sending a piece of furniture that shouldn't have been sent to me in the first place. Why is this thing smelling of mold? Are they so overstocked that it is in a part of a warehouse that perhaps got flooded a bit?

Then they asked if I wanted to get a credit. I asked, "Why would I take a chance on buying from a company that would send me such a disgusting item?"

I asked to speak with the Corporate office and she connected me with her supervisor, who, of course couldn't make any more decisions that she. I have the phone number of the corporate office, which I will call. I'm interested to hear if the office wants negative feedback all over the place, let alone sending me a moldy chair.

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