Friday, January 27, 2012


Would you believe that Phantom of the Opera, the longest running musical on Broadway, will hit its 10,000th performance in a few weeks? The 24th Anniversary occurred on January 26. I attended the day before, a matinee, with my Aunt Gertie.

I was surprised when Christine (performed by Marni Raab)did not get a standing ovation hearing some news about who was to be portraying her. Afterwards, I looked in the Playbill to see that Trista Moldovan was the hype and Raab was doing alternate shows on Wednesday and Saturday matinees. Personally I thought that Raab gave an excellent performance. It was Hugh Panaro (the Phantom) who got the standing ovation and much deserving of. I recalled the last time I say the show and went back stage to meet Hugh. He has such an amazing voice and his acting is to be as much commended.

What is it that draws so many people to see Phantom? Let's begin with the score. The plot isn't one that you have to strain to follow. Then there is the score. Although there is much drama, there are some amusing spots as well due to the characters. Then there is the score. Talent is wonderful, sets are fabulous, effects are great and did I mention the score?

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