Saturday, January 14, 2012


Imagine that your raffle ticket was chosen and you are the winner of a 230 lb. quarter hind of beef. What do you do other than claim it? Elizabeth Dusman of Manhasset Hills, NY, had the winning ticket due to the celebration of Fairway Market's grand opening of their store in Douglaston (Queens), New York. Fortunately Fairway Market's head butcher Ray Venezia was there not only to present the hind but to cut it up for her and her husband, Frank.

The demo was open to the public as Ray explained what types of cuts she could choose from each part of the quarter that had a retail price of about $1200. The Dusman's intended to borrow someone's freezer as well as sharing with family and perhaps a friend or two. Frank's mother, Maria, was also present for the present. With 12-year old son Eli and 14-year old Errol who both love beef, I don't think there will be problem. Perhaps her long time friend Paula, who attended, may be enjoying some of the beef as well.

I asked Elizabeth why she came to the store in Queens, living in Long Island's Nassau County, considering that there is a Fairway Market in Plainview. She said that the distance from Manhasset Hills is much shorter and was pleased as punch to find that a Fairway Market opened so much closer to her home.

I later followed up by asking about her first meat meal. Here is what she said. "The evening that you called we were eating the sirloin steak. It was marinating for a couple of days in a mixture of equal parts soy sauce and olive oil. For every cup of liquid, throw in 2 or 3 whole cloves of garlic and a teaspoon of sugar. Mix it in the blender- you'll see that it whips up nicely. It is a tasty and simple marinade. Frank and I set up a whole wrapping station when we got home. Most of it was wrapped in freezer paper and then either plastic wrap or the ziploc bags. Altogether it was an exhausting day.

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