Friday, February 15, 2013


I am a determined person. I absolutely love Graeter's Ice Cream.  It is made in small batches in Ohio.  I never thought that I'd see it in New York City, let alone in Queens until about a year ago (could be longer as the days go by so quickly).  I was happy about it being there but this is a high end ice cream.  The people who shop and Stop and Shop....although I have called it other names...would rather buy a cheap name brand on sale that is loaded with air and other things rather than purchase one that is probably the best ice cream going and at a higher price.  A pint, not on sale seems to go for about six bucks.  No more than if you went to a place that made their own ice cream. 

I figured that since Fairway Markets tend to have high quality items Graeter's Ice Cream would be best there.  I began by asking Fairway and was told that they have to wait until enough people request an item.  Now, if people don't know about the ice cream, how would they be able to request it?

It took a lot of communications with different people at Fairway including the person who tends to the frozen items.  Well, after he tasted some of the flavors and agreed that it's the best ice cream he ever had, it looks as if all 12 Fairway Markets will have coming in within the next two weeks! 

Why have I done this?  My feeling is that if they are not selling at Stop and Shop (due to their being on the top shelf and getting freezer burn), they won't stock it and won't be able to buy it!  Simple as that!

I just tried their newest flavor...Cherry Chocolate Chip!   My favorite combo!  Like having chocolate covered cherries without the ooze. 

The timing might even work for it to be in the Fairway Market in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn.  Sandy did a bashing but they rebuilt this huge place situated near the water.  Reopening date is March 1.  Mayor and recent Miss America slated to be there.  Having never been at this location, I won't be able to say that it's "bigger and better".  I'll let you know what it's like, though.  

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