Tuesday, February 12, 2013


It's 7:25 p.m.  Do you know where you package is?  Yes, UPS again...Undescribably Pathetic Service.  This one has pints of ice cream in it.  Label has dry ice and perishable.  It was overnighted and arrived in my local Maspeth facility and on the truck at 7:22 a.m.  It's been sitting there for TWELVE hours now and supposed to arrive "at the end of the day". Put in a phone call and facility is supposed to call me back as to what's going on.  Can't wait for this one!

Update.  It is now 8:55 p.m.  No one has gotten back with me so I called again.  They called the facilities in Maspeth and no one answers.  The person said that someone would get back with me this evening...yes, assured me.   Needless to say that if it goes out tomorrow the ice cream will have melted, especially if it has it as "by the end of the day".  This is worse than waiting for furniture to arrive.!

New name for them....UPyourS!  

Serge from Maspeth called me at 9:10 p.m. and agrees that there is a problem with my getting these perishable items.  He is going to check on it an get back with me.  Let's see...News at 11?

It's almost 11p.m.   At 9 p.m. it went back to Maspeth and will be delivered on the next business day.   Cherry chip soup!!!   Spoke with Serge.  Backup from the snow storm of last week.   Will post when it arrives. UPDATE!   It arrived at about 11 a.m.  and softened.   Not great for putting back in freezer and getting freezer burn.

It is now 3:30 p.m.  and waiting for TWO packages.  Both companies shipped out the food.  Graeter's did an overnight and the food company (which I will talk about later) sent it to be here "by the end of the day".

It is FRIDAY.  That means that if it doesn't make it...MONDAY is the next delivery.  News at 11! 

UPDATE: Food has arrived and without dry ice totally melted.  Thanks to Serge who called the driver to make sure that my packages would be delivered today.  Hooray for Serge! 


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