Monday, February 11, 2013


“All That Echoes” is the latest project of singer Josh Groban with a voice that continues to charm you.  Fathom Events presented a live concert of which Josh appeared to be at the top of the Time Warner Building, although billed as being from Lincoln Center.   Who cares?  Strong guess that the concert was given to promote his CD as most of the songs were from it. 

“Brave”, co-written by this now 31-year-old “popera” singer, got the most p.r. in his appearances on television as well as being the lead single.  “When you stand up and hold out your hand/In the face of what I don’t understand/My reason to be brave.” 

“And I can’t cage you in my arms/When my heart is jumping forward/To avoid your false alarms/And you can’t tell me not to stay/When I opened up your window/And I watched you fly away”.   No, it’s not about a bird.  “False Alarms” is a ballad with a steady beat of violins in the background, co-written by Josh.   Love this one, too.

The next ballad, “Falling Slowly” is another love song.  “I don’t know you/But I want you/All the more for that.”   Enjoyed the singing but wouldn’t put it on the charts.

“She Moved Through The Fair” has Josh singing a traditional Irish ballad about a woman who is pictured as being the one looked to be married to.  

Another song, co-written by Josh is called “Below The Line”.   Great rhythm and music.  “Big World/Please do not swallow us up/Please do not blind our eyes with ocean blue”.  “And we all might find ourselves/Living below the line”.   It’s a sort of “You Raise Me Up”, but faster.

Josh isn’t Josh without an Italian song, a duet with Laura Pausini, called “E Ti Promettero”.    Beautiful song.  Not opera-like.  Another one called, Sincera, though opera sounding doesn’t have Josh hitting those beautiful high notes.  Disappointment.

“The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” follows, written by Jimmy Webb and another ballad.  “The moon’s a harsh mistress/The sky is made of stone/The moon’s a harsh mistress/She’s hard to call your own.”  Nice ballad but doesn’t move me.

“Hollow Talk” sounded fine until I listened to the words.  Bring me the noose. 

Final song, a ballad, “I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) sounded as if could be a single. Backup singers in the background.  “The truths of love are planted firm/They won’t be hard to find/And the words of love I speak to you/Will echo in your mind.”  I believe that this is the only time you actually hear the word, “echo” on the whole CD.
As for the concert, Yes, he did sing, “You Raise Me Up”.   Can’t get enough of that song.

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