Saturday, July 6, 2013


I stayed at the Best Western Adams Inn located in Quincy, Massachusetts. On the morning of July 5th I was leaving the hotel for a period of time.  It was approximately 9:30 when I approached the front desk asking about a late checkout due to my schedule.   The person I spoke with said that the latest was noon.  I agreed saying that I would see to it that I was back before.   She asked for my room number and placed the information in the account.

I arrived back to the room at approximately 11:40 to notice that my room was open and ajar.  My bag was sitting in the hallway across from the room.  I looked around and there were no housekeeping staff present.   I first walked into the room to see if was being cleaned.   It appeared that some of the work was taken care of.   I then opened the door, took my bag and brought it into the room.
I checked the refrigerator to see that it was cleaned out.   I had a few bottles of water and leftover food from a high end restaurant that I had prepared to be eating later that day as a meal.  

This is a total breach in security!  Let’s begin by that the luggage was in the hall.  Anyone could have simply picked it up and taken it, taken something from it, or even put something in it.   How obvious could that be if I was able to take it away without anyone noticing? 

Hotels have policies regarding being charged for another day or extra money if a person checks out after the check out time.   It was clear in looking in the room that I had not checked out and the room should not have been attended to.   The housekeeping staff should also have checked to see if I had a late checkout after seeing the luggage and food in the refrigerator.    Upon removing the luggage and deciding to leave it in the hall, did the housecleaning person notify the manager of housekeeping or notify someone at the desk rather than take it upon herself to do this?

I would conclude that wanting to clean the rooms as quickly as possible to make way for those checking in on Friday was more of a priority in order to look as if the job was done.   I placed a call to the owner of the hotel, and left a message.  The call was not returned despite my comment on being a security breach.  I later called and the person at the front desk placed me on "hold" to call the owner's home number and cell phone number, neither of which was answered.  I left another message and no phone call was returned.  It made me wonder how responsible the owner is when a staff member needs to get in touch. 

Somehow I am waiting to get one of those, "I apologize". "I will look into this" and the ultimate, "Thank for your feedback.  This will assist in retraining the staff". 

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