Saturday, July 20, 2013


It's been about a week since I started the Personal Trainer Foods weight loss program.  I think that giving up ice cream during this awful heat wave is the hardest. I'm not feeling too well...head not clear.  Very tired. Feeling a bit nauseous.  Not sure if it's due to my not eating anything that converts to sugar or the heat giving me lack of a good night's sleep.

I have found each meal to be filling enough that I'm not looking for a snack, even though I have been given them.  I eat each meal slowly and chew a lot.  I have been drinking a lot of water both due to the heat and sodium contents in the food.  Aside from water, I have been making rooibos tea and drinking one percent milk.

I normally don't use garlic in my food and I find that I am reacting a bit towards it.  I'm not sure which of the foods contain garlic as although I am able to view the nutrition of each item, there is no information about the contents.  In fact, you cannot get that info even if you want to.  I am told that due to so many places that are processing the food, it can't be given.

For me it means that I don't know what preservatives or any additives maybe being used.  For instance, I was eating a "grilled chicken breast" and realized that it did not have the consistency and I doubt that it was grilled.  Grill marks are used to make you think it's grilled. Even on the rotisseire chicken. 

Much of the food that I'm eating looks like something I would buy at a Subway or McDonald's....just no bread or bun.  For instance...breakfast.  The eggs patties are the same ones that McDonald's uses. I checked the McDonald website and there was a video on how the McMuffin is made.  That wasn't so bad but I'd really like to know exactly what's in the sausage.  I think viewing the contents is important when you're choosing the items.

According to what I just read, the Institute of Medicine, part of the National Academy of Sciences, issued a report that lowered the recommended daily amount of sodium. Previously, the daily allowance was 2500 milligrams, but it has been lowered to 1500 milligrams per day. The report set the maximum intake per day at 2300 milligrams but recommended not exceeding 1500 milligrams.

Keep in mind that I'm with this supply I am not given a menu.  I get to choose for each meal and snack.  So, let's take an example.  Breakfast:  Cheddar Omelet with Maple Sausage.  Snack: Beef and Cheese Sticks.  Lunch: Smoked Brisket and Normandy Blend veggies.   Snack: Beef and Cheese Sticks.  Dinner: Spinach Asiago Sausage with Italian Blend veggies.  Total sodium content form their chart....2960.

To be fair...let's choose some lower numbers.  Breakfast: Plain Omelet with maple sausage.  Lunch: Angus Burger and Asparagus.  Chicken and Apple Smoked Sausage and Italian Blend veggies. Snacks: string cheese and monetery jack cheese  Total sodium - 1360.

There are selections that contain less sodium.  However, in ordering you can only choose a maximum of 10 of one item.

As for any weight's too tough to even tell due to the weather and sodium contents.  There is no way that I can exercise! 

It's week three and I don't feel any difference.  May not be gaining.  I have been quite concerned as to exactly what I'm eating.  I used a magnify glass to read the contents of the snacks that contained beef.  Additives are quite long and one in particular contains both brown sugar and corn syrup.  But the idea is to cut out sugar or items that turn to sugar.  These snacks were supposed to be okay for the first week when there was a "no sugar at all".

I can't say that I would recommend this in any way for those that are food health conscious.  Just as easy to buy your protein and portion it out.  Package it well and freeze.  You might as well buy frozen vegetables or add some fresh as you really aren't limited to amount of vegetables.  Buy the stuff to make your own omelet.  Get lean chopped beef and make up some patties....freeze them and use one with the omelet or whatever eggs.  Get fresh mozzarella cheese with no salt.  At least you'll get your fish supply in your diet.   

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