Monday, July 22, 2013


For those of you old enough, the name Joe Franklin will stir up memories.  In fact, the name of his talk show of years ago was called, “Joe Franklin’s Memory Lane”.  I think just about everyone in show business was invited to appear on his tv talk show or interviewed on his long time radio show.   He’s close to 90 years old now and still maintains a radio show.

He had recently appeared at a jazz night club called The Metropolitan Room, where occasionally there is a non-jazz artist.   The ad listed the “Invited Guests” as: Bill Cosby, Billy Crystal, Julia Roberts, Liza Minnelli, Woody Allen, Pat Cooper and Michael Feinstein.   Bernie Furshpan was there as his “side-kick” and not one of “the invited” showed up.   The audience had many entertainers who appeared with him.

The Metropolitan Room, located at 34 W. 22nd Street, is a pretty decent sized club…bit smaller than Below 54 with the same sort of set up regarding seating… cabaret style with some oval booths and long tables.  Like most of the clubs, there is a cover charge and drink or food minimum.   Acoustics are fine and so is the service.  Check out their schedule.

Films of old shows were shown behind the piano player and a setup of Joe doing his radio show was the focus.  He did tell jokes…some “blue”.   Christine Pedi who has been seen often in the Forbidden Broadway shows, sang a few.  A few other performers entertained.   Everyone was given a copy of Joe Franklin’s Great Entertainment Trivia Game.  

As for me, I was on his tv show once in the late 60’s and again sometime in the 70s.   I seem to recall his son Brad doing his first talk show on HBO and having both myself and dad as the guests.   All was memorable.

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