Friday, July 19, 2013


Way too hot to stay in my house, especially since Con Ed cut back on the electricity...which didn't do well for my one air conditioner, located in my dining room.  I have a ceiling fan so help circulate the "cold air" into my living room where I have another ceiling fan.  Hearing about the it feels like 103 degree temperature I decided to seek a "cooling center".  Nearest one was a Senior Center...Woodhaven-Richmond Hill Senior Center supported by the Catholic Charities Neighborhood Services.

An option was to go to the library.  However, you can talk with people and you won't get shhht when yelling "BINGO".  This is the first time I've been to Senior Center and I was reminded by my friend that I am indeed, a Senior.  So, I registered and spoke to some of the staff.  Let's smoking, no bringing in your own food, no saving seats.  Coffee or tea costs 25 cents.

At about 10 a.m. a guy came in to teach some line dancing.  I'm unable to do that but watched.  Nothing that demanded much footing...more like "flowing" and a way of getting exercise.

Bingo at 11:15...four games.  Lunch at noon.  Cost for lunch is a donation of $1.50.   Got a pretty good size of broiled tilapia, spinach, noodles, bean soup, salad, milk and an orange. Don't even have to leave a tip. Bring in a container and you can talk home you leftovers. 

As for the food, I had no complaints.  Not gourmet but certainly better than "hospital" food or fast food. 

People hung around for socializing and playing cards.  I left at about 2 p.m.  as I still had work to do at home. 

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