Saturday, July 13, 2013


On the morning of July 5th I was leaving the Best Western Adams Inn for a period of time.  It was approximately 9:30 when I approached the front desk asking about a late checkout due to my schedule.   The person I spoke with said that the latest was noon.  I agreed saying that I would see to it that I was back before. She asked for my room number and placed the information in the account.

I will get back to my itinerary later. I arrived back to the room at approximately 11:40 to notice that my room was open and ajar. My bag was sitting in the hallway across from the room. I looked around and there were no housekeeping staff present. I first walked into the room to see if it was being cleaned. Nobody was in there and it appeared that some of the work was taken care of.  I then opened the door, took my bag and brought it into the room. I checked the refrigerator to see that it was cleaned out. I had a few bottles of water and leftover food from Fuji that I had expected to be eating later that day.

This is a total breach of security!  Let’s begin by that the luggage was in the hall. Anyone could have simply picked it up and taken it, taken something from it, or even put something in it.   How obvious could that be if I was able to take it away without anyone noticing? 

It was clear in looking in the room that I had not checked out and the room should not have been attended to. The housekeeping staff should also have checked to see if I had a late checkout after seeing the luggage and food in the refrigerator. Upon removing the luggage and deciding to leave it in the hall, did the person notify the manager of housekeeping or notify someone at the desk rather than take it upon herself to do this?  A call to the general manager was not returned until days later.

Back to the itinerary as I go to Adams National Historical Park Visitors Center, located at 1250 Hancock Street.  Now here’s a history bargain that beings with a 27 minute movie entitled, “Enduring Legacy: Four Generations of the Adams Family”. It’s a story of service and sacrifices that shaped our nation. You will certainly recognize the voice of Tom Hanks. 

Take the $5 tour where you first hop on a trolley that takes you to Adams Birthplaces. You’ll get a tour of the two homes. Back on the trolley for a tour of Peace Field where you’ll visit The House and gardens.  Trolley then takes you back to the Visitors Center where you can walk over to the United First Parish Church and view the crypt of the Adams family. I did notice that a rainbow flag was hanging from the church. The church is consider to be Unitarian.

Wanting to take in a different area, I head to Port 305, located on Victory Road in Marina Bay.  Now, this would have been the place to get at least a distant view of the Boston fireworks.  What’s up dock?  Boats and restaurants. Port 305 has both indoor and outdoor seating.  I would have lunched outdoors if only there were such thing as outdoor air conditioning…oh, right…there is…it’s called, “Winter”.  

I immersed myself in Chicken Wings as an app and Broiled Scallops as an entrée.  Scallops came with mashed sweet potatoes and ginger, and grilled asparagus. Just perfect. This restaurant is part of a group called Eat Drink Mingle and includes Siro’s Restaurant and Blue Martini Bar all on Marina Bay.  Kristie Henricksen and Jon D’Allessandro are the proprietors with Marc Vierbickas as the Executive Chef. 

One last place to see…the original Dunkin’ Donuts.  When you first walk in it looks like any other Dunkin’ but go to the left and you’ll see seating from the 1950s, when this place first opened.  Photos and stuff to read on the wall.  

Day coming to an end I head back to Boston for a Megabus ride home. Trip back was great but why do people mistake a bus for a phone booth?  For further information on Quincy go to  

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