Saturday, January 12, 2013


I don't care for packaged chocolate pudding.  I will make it from scratch.  The ingredients are: cocoa, sugar, milk, vanilla extract, corn starch to thicken.  If you have chocolate chips or a chocolate bar, keep in mind that the contents of that is the same without the liquid.  Therefore, one way is to simply melt chocolate (this all depends upon your sweet taste as to whether you would be adding sugar) in a pot of milk and thicken it by combing corn starch with cold water (mixed to a paste) when the contents is very hot but boiling. 

That's not what I did, though.  I wanted something even easier.   I took some sour cream and placed it in a pot with semi-sweet chocolate chips.  After it melted I put it in a small ceramic cup (remember, this is for just me), added more sour cream and stirred.  Put it in the freezer (I want to eat it asap), otherwise I would place it in the refrigerator.  Freezer is even better as it gives the impression that you are eating some sort of "ice cream". 

The melting process took all of about a minute as I used my Precision Induction Cooktop and a great spatula to make sure that all contents went into the ceramic cup.  Otherwise it's simply fine to let the pot cool off and use your finger to get any leftovers. 

It is important to use the right chips.  Make sure that they are "real".  It means that the contents of the chocolate does not contain palm or coconut oil, which is a substitute for cocoa butter. 

This is quite a rich dessert and could also be used as to scoop on top of something like a Fairytale Brownie. OMG!

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