Sunday, January 13, 2013


I had been searching for some health food places in Queens where I can not only buy organic products but have something that’s already prepared to munch on.   I ventured to Astoria for a store called Fresh Start Organic Eatery and Market.  When the weather is warm, you can sit outside in the garden and dine.  I had food to go.

With a wide variety of freshly made juices, I noticed one called “Flu Shot”, 1 oz of cranberry, ginger, wheatgrass, lemon.   Sounded just like what I needed.  However, I wanted to do a heavy green one.   There was bok choy, parsley, celery, and broccoli with an additional added carrot, apple, orange and lemon for both health and flavor.   It was actually pretty yummy.  

Ellie Zoumberakis is the store Manager and chef who  gave me some instructions regarding my own juicing saying that items such as parsley and kale need to get juiced first as the rest going in would push more of the juice of these greens.   I’ll let you know the follow up.

Loads of great products on the shelves and will discuss at a later date.  Food.  Those who are vegetarians or vegans will be quite pleased.    Here are some of the items that I sampled.  Beet Carrot salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Seitan is a meat substitute. Made from wheat it takes on the flavors of the prepared seasoning.  In this case the seitan was prepared in a sweet and sour sauce using fresh juices from the juice bar; then cut up in nuggets.   Ellie tells me that she does not use any canned fruit or vegetables including garbanzo beans which are soaked overnight before cooking. 

The phyllo dough used in Ellie’s Spinach Pie is also freshly prepared using whole grain and white flour.  Even the goat cheese is made on the premises.   All of the meat comes from Canada as there seems to be a stricter organic regulation.  Bison burger is a bison patty of rice and meat seasoned with greens such as cilantro, mint, parsley, along onions and tomatoes.  It is served on a multigrain roll, with baby greens (mine had baby spinach…I hope it wasn’t taken away from its mother too soon), and shredded carrots.

Fresh Start Organic Eatery and Market is located at 29-13 23rd Street.  Check it out at

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