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What or who is Jazmo? The Bedford Hills based, much buzzed about and highly acclaimed new intergenerational rock band who will make its New York Premiere at the world-renown IRIDIUM (1650 Broadway at 51st Street, NYC) on Tuesday, January 8th at 8:00pm and 10:00pm.

The band whose members include Jeff Lasdon (vocals/harp/lyrics), Michael O’Keefe (drums/vocals/music), David Toy (guitar/vocals/music/lyrics), Paul J. Magliari (bass/vocals) and Al Orlo (guitar) will be introducing their new songs that are being readied for the recording studio and a new CD.

Here’s the scoop on this.  The songs that they will be singing are:
Cuz We Want To, Someone To Tell,  Love Songs,  Better Than This,  Heart Collector,  For Sale City, Sal Mineo,  Cigs and Beer,  The Blue Note,  The Bird of Babble-On,  Molecules,  Giving It All Away, The Other Side of the Map,   Angry Game,  and  The One Mistake.  

BIRDY, Downtown’s Empress of Song, and guiding Mantra, will be featured as the evening’s Special Guest Artist and JAZMO fully intends to blow the roof off the underground uber club, as they bedazzle the room full of expected record industry czars and impressively expanding fan base.   

Still want more info on Jazmo?  “JAZMO’S roots are firmly planted in the legacy of intergenerational rock and the power of poetry. Longtime partners DAVE TOY and MIKE O'KEEFE had been making music in the Toy Studio for decades after abandoning their electric punk project ‘Dressed For Success’. The band was an 80's fixture in such N.Y.C. venues as CBGBs and The Ritz. 1995 found the two friends still dedicated to their music but in need of lyrics for their tunes. ENTER JEFF LASDON. A retired promoter from Boulder, Colorado, LASDON was eager to share his poetry from his days of study with Beat Poets Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs.  Words hidden away for 30 years were the genesis of a marriage between LASDON and TOY.  In LASDON the two original JAZMO players had adopted an illegitimate child who would eventually morph from wordsmith to songwriter to performer.

Through a generous dose of patience TOY and O'KEEFE allowed LASDON to fulfill his childhood fantasy of playing in a rock n' roll band.  Call in old friend renaissance bassist PAUL MAGLIARI and JAZMO is a living breathing experiment gone awry!  Operatically trained and downtown rock songbird, BIRDY, has given the JAZMO songwriters a true rock 'n roll diva.  Songs written expressly for BIRDY are hits waiting to happen. This egg incubated by JAZMO and now ready to crack promises to produce a bird of another feather.”

Let’s not forget BIRDY, an astute businesswoman who is taking over late night downtown Manhattan.   An operatically trained singer, she left that world to record her own power pop ballads on a record label she is building to her own specifications where she will globally export herself, as well as other carefully considered artists, to a world she is convinced is patiently waiting for the next new tsunami of sound.   A studied artist in her own right, she has begun designing make-up that is as prophetic as it is strikingly stunning.  Birdy has most recently received high critical acclaim for her two Special Guest Appearances at the prestigious downtown event, ’Oh! You pretty Things: The New Romantics.’   Channeling Siouxsie and The Banshees, she blew the roof off Le Poisson Rouge.  She is currently meeting with Click Models.

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