Thursday, January 10, 2013


Having a NuWave oven and Precision Induction Cooktop can create a bit of laziness on my part when it comes to creating my meals.  For instance, the other day I decided to have some fresh Borsht.  I took a huge raw beet, pealed it, cut it in small chunks and placed it in the twister blender that I opted for with the NuWave oven. I usually use this small twister blender to make my smoothies. I added water and blended it enough to break down the beets into very small pieces so that they would cook faster.  I guess I could have used a grater but since I was using water anyway....

I the meantime, I cooked up a couple of hard boiled eggs. I don't have a small enough pot to cook eggs on the Precision Induction Cooktop so I used my stove top. 

I then placed the contents of the blender into a large pot that I use on the Precision Induction Cooktop and added salt and sugar (just enough so that the beets don't have that "root" taste). I simmered it on like a medium heat, while I got the rest of the additions together.  I pealed and sliced up the hard boiled eggs (don't you hate when it doesn't pull away from the shell) and chopped up some fresh cilantro.

The soup took all of about 15 minutes to cook (this depends upon how soft you like your beets).  I had placed the hard boiled eggs and now the soup in the refrigerator (after it cooled down). 

Now, the main course....pork chops.  I used two frozen chops. When I buy pork chops, I place the chops in portions and freeze (tightly).  I sliced up about an inch of onions.  I'm not big on they don't seem to like me.  But I wanted to add flavor with fresh items.  I also sliced up an apple (didn't peel it) and sliced up and inch of fresh ginger.  I used a pan on the PIC.  I put it on medium high just to saute the onions, ginger and apples (even though the pan is non-stick, I like to saute in a bit of olive oil).  I then placed the frozen chops in the pan and turned it to medium read 275 degrees.  I put a lid on it.

I sprinkled sea salt on the tops of the chops and just let it cook. Twenty minutes later I removed the lid and turned over the chops and then let it cook for about 15 minutes more.  I tested the chops to see if anything was still pink, especially near the bone.  I like "sweet" so I sprinkled a bit of sugar on the tops after they were cooked to allow the sugar just enough time to melt.  Wow was this good.

As for the soup...I took it out of the frig, spooned it out and topped it with slices of egg, cilantro and a big dollop of sour cream! 

This is certainly enough for two people or leftovers for the next day!

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