Monday, January 7, 2013


I called customer service today as I was still trying to get to talk with someone at the head office at Peapod.  Let's take a for instance at a restaurant.  Health issue occurs and you tell the waiter. You are appeased but the information never reaches the owner no matter how important, because someone doesn't really want to own up to the situation created.  So, I don't get to talk with someone beyond "Consumer Affairs".  

I had been given a claim number to talk with someone from the insurance department.  I had made a comment last week that I had a concern of the possibility that in regards to the chicken, that it was poked or perhaps someone could have access to using a syringe and injected something.  Hey, with what's going on these days you just can't be surprised!  I wanted them to look into something!  

A few calls later got me the insurance department.  There was nothing to handle since I did not actually file a complaint with something that actually happened as a result, other than extreme distress and throwing out food.   So, we are now back with the consumer affairs department.  I keep getting the excuse that "things happen in transit".  

I called the New York State Agriculture Department to file a health issue complaint.  They will follow up on this in a week or two.  I called Newsday to see if they would be interested in writing about this.  They are not really interested since nobody got very sick or died!  The "if you see something, say something" doesn't work in this case.  We have to wait for someone to get violently ill or die first.  How many people just simply do not take the time to complain?

Peapod does not seem to have any intention of handling the health problem itself.  They did refund my money for the first mishap, of which I had to throw out food anyway.  It did not seem to matter that I wrote about this incident, talked about it on my radio show, etc.  She simply asked me what could be done for me and then offered to take off $25 off my bill.  I basically threw up my hands and told her that I wanted a refund on this last order as well for the distress alone.  They just simply don't "get it".  She did the "we gave you hundreds of dollars worth of food and that shows that we care". WHAT?  Perhaps it is a few hundred dollars to include the markup!  And with a company that shows that they make a lot of money, it is most likely a write off and should only be written off on the cost that Stop & Shop paid for the items.  

I agreed not to buy anything else via Peapod and that is not an issue for me.  The issue still goes to what I feel is a health hazard!   It's not all about appeasing me, but what steps are taken to make sure that this is NOT happening to anyone else.  My complaint and video should have been enough to take steps.  How long does the food sit on the truck from the time it is "shopped" until it arrives to my house?  If it is sitting in its own bin, what exactly is happening that products with a health issue of salmonella poisoning aren't being looked at?

She did the "this happened to you on both occasions and now you want your money refunded the second time" as if I am making this up.  Good grief!  I'm not looking for free food....I want safe food....for me and anyone else who shops Peapod!!!!!

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