Thursday, October 25, 2012


We arrived early at the Lakeview Golf Resort and Spa and weren't able to check in as they were still cleaning the unit.  One thing about being at a timeshare is the ability to trade.  If you do this on a bit of the off-season, you can still get the area attractions and in many cases a larger unit than the one you trade.  Our unit had two bedrooms and two and half bathrooms.  Each of the bedrooms upstairs (Oy, the climb) had a full bathroom and tv.  The bathroom downstairs was perfectly placed at the entrance.  Full kitchen with dishwasher, dining area and living room with a tv and couch.  Washer and dryer.  What more can you want?  At no extra charge you can get the cleaning folks to tidy the place the whole week.  I only asked for it once.

There is a hotel on the premises and quite common for groups to come in and book events.  You park in front of your unit but may not be as easy if you're stopping at the hotel.  That's where the computer is that gave me access to my email at no charge.  I did not bring my laptop.  Otherwise there is free wi-fi.

An 18-hole golf course tees off just at the hotel near the entrance to one of their two restaurants, Legends, a sports bar with casual dining.  The other restaurant, Fusions, has an entrance in the hotel or across the way from Legends.  Fusions is all about the buffet.  Weekends offers an all you can eat with a pasta and prime rib station for about $25.  Pick a pasta, sauce and various items for the chef to cook up.  On one weekday night a buffet minus the stations was about $15.

Continuing on with the resort, there is a Fitness Center. How perfect that you cannot drive to it as the walk (not that far) will get your heart rate going.  I'm told (Laurie made use of the place) that there are various machines and a pool.

Spa Roma, where you can park your car, is on the premises but not owned by the resort.  It was there that I had my hair cut and styled as well as having a facial.  I looked good and felt great! Laurie had a most relaxing massage.  Oh...we didn't do all of this that first day!!!

Needless to say, being at a timeshare, you have the option to cook your own meals.  The nearest and best place to shop?  Kroger. Had it all! Organic produce, prepared food.  For me it was a cross between Fairway Market and Stop & Shop.  

I am told that they are going to be doing much renovations to the resort.  Great spot to hold a convention and perhaps a golf championship.  As for location, I think that the nearest airport is in Pittsburgh, PA which is about 50 miles away.  Well worth it as there is much to do in Morgantown.

Each time we left the unit, this is the view that we got.  Not sure what the company was that had the plant but It helped in navigating our trip. 

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