Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Let's give today, October 17th,  my official start to juicing.  My first concoction was this morning as a made a "smoothie".  It consisted of marionberries, blueberries, raspberries, and pre-made apples that were juiced.  This was mixed with some organic non-flavored yogurt.

For my protein I prepared a skinless chicken breast of approximately 6 oz, fried with olive oil.

My "dinner" juicing consisted of:  a whole head of romaine lettuce, a carrot, half of a yellow squash, a piece of broccoli to which I added some water and an apple...not much water...I wanted to make sure that it came to at least 16 oz.  I will most likely prepare another juice as it is only about 7 p.m.

Note sure of what is was that bothered my stomach from this mixture.  Raw broccoli may not be best, but I will consult my Chiropractor by having broccoli muscle tested.  I made some hard boil eggs and had one.  Perhaps I'm not eating enough protein.

October 18th.  I made a fruit smoothie.  I had bought some packs of super fruit organic smoothie consisting of pureed Acai berry and  acerola.  Found this also at Fairway Market.  Pureed with blueberries, some apple "juice" and a small scoop of the organic yogurt.

My lunch protein was a hard boiled egg.  My dinner was about 6 oz. of salmon. 

For "dinner" I made a veggie with: kale (is there a difference between the three different ones that I bought?), orange beet, celery, cilantro, carrot and a bit of apple cider for sweetness. It tasted great. I'm also making sure that I have some olive oil.

October 19th.  Smoothie consisted of: blueberries, raspberries, marionberries, coconut water, apple "juice" and yogurt.

I'm having one pork chop for lunch cooked in apple cider.

Veggie juice: celery, carrot, kale, cucumber with apple.  Later had two scrambled eggs with cilantro cooked in olive oil.

October 20th.  I'm finding that I'm not  moving my bowels as often (minimum of twice a day).  I'm not sure if it's due to not having the fiber or that there's nothing to move, really.  I'm also very tired but I think that is due to not getting a good sleep due to the arthritis in my left hip.  Otherwise, I am feeling fine.  Not sure of weight loss as I have not weighed myself to begin.  I would rather see how my clothes are fitting, instead.

This morning I made a smoothie of blueberries, raspberries, marionberries, a pack of the super fruit, apple juice and coconut juice.   My stomach is growling a bit.  I am preparing some lean beef as my first protein of the day.  I had opted for frozen berries with a brand called Stahlbush Island Farms and will look into this company as they have "sustainable farming".  I found the brand at Fairway Market.

The beef did not feel comfortable even though I chewed it well.  I'm going to pass on having beef.

October 21st.   I prepared a combo of veggies and fruit for a large sized juice.   During the late afternoon I cooked up chicken with broccoli with some olive oil.   Later on I did veggies again.   It's time to shop a bit so that I can also make a salad.  I think I need to add fiber. Later that evening I had a hard boiled egg.

October 22nd.   Got to busy with outside chores and rather than start with a juicing I had sushi rolls. I decided to not juice for the day.  I later had a salad of almost one head of romaine lettuce, cilantro, a hard boiled egg and olive oil.  I bought a dairy ice cream substitute made with almond milk and chocolate.  I can handle that.  I tried an almond milk but not the one I should have gotten as it tasted like toasted almonds.  I will use both the almond milk and coconut water in my next smoothie.  Need more fiber in my system.

October 23rd.   Constipated....then again...did you know that 9 our of 10 people who are constipated don't give a shit?   I made a smoothie of all three berries, yogurt and the apple cider.  I think the cider is getting a bit bubbly.  Not constipated any more.  Lunch was some fresh flounder with ginger.

October 24th.   I did a combo fruit with coconut water for the late morning (that's when I awoke).   My protein food of the day was haddock and both green and yellow squash.   Later in the evening I made a veggie juice.

October 25thI combined blueberries with the super fruit and yogurt to make a smoothie.  My protein for the afternoon was a pork chop with steamed broccoli.  I indulged in dark chocolate in the late afternoon.  I think I had too much sugar.  Having restaurants to review, I called a few in the Queens area that pushing organic juices and food.  I will visit them next week and report.

October 27th.  I forgot to post for yesterday.  I had my main meal in the afternoon, after shopping.  I had some sushi rolls.  Found a better Almond Milk...chocolate flavored and a mint chip ice cream made with coconut milk.  Juiced carrots, kale, celery and an apple.  I have energy but still tired from the lack of a good night's sleep.  I watched Criminal Minds this evening and heard a quote. "We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone."

November 1st.  I realize that I haven't written for each day.   The hurricane has not dampened my regiment.  I went shopping prior and got not only the fresh produce but frozen as well.  I like the variety that Stahlbush Island farms has and trust the contents.  In fact, I called them because I've always wondered about whether frozen produce is washed before packaging.  All of their frozen produce is not only washed, but blanched. They said that they can't vouch for any other company's product. However, I will randomly call some companies and let you know.  I will be using their products for smoothies.

I tried another Almond Milk that chocolate flavored.  It tastes great as compared to others but I think I'll have to bring samples of the coconut water, etc. to my chiropractor, Dr. Joan Jacobs, who is also a Nutritionist.  She can test them to see if I am allergic or sensitive.  I don't seem to have a problem with regular milk digesting but don't feel "the best" with substitutes. 

I continue to basically have one smoothie for the fruit and one juicing of veggies per day.  Meals are protein with vegetables.  Did I say that I am eating dark chocolate as a snack?  Not a lot, though. 

November 7th.  This morning I had a smoothie consisting of strawberries, blueberries, another berry, coconut water and Banilla Stonyfield Yogurt.  A piece of fish was lunch.   For dinner I made kale soup.  I sauteed onion, mushrooms, sliced carrots, and ginger then added water.  I then took a pork chop and cut it into bite size pieces and added it to the soup.  Cooked it a short while and then added the chopped kale and some salt.  Great!  I'm going to make kale soup to get the fiber from the kale leaves and use the parts closest to the stems for juicing.  

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