Sunday, October 28, 2012


I love visiting zoos.  Especially when it's someone's personal Wildlife sanctuary.  Hovatter's Wildlife Zoo, located in Kingswood on Herring Road, is run by Brian Hovatter.  I didn't have time to get the whole story but will speak with him when I interview him on my internet radio show.

There are two cute colorful parrots sitting in a cage that would probably greet you if they said something.  The entrance house has a great view of one of many groups of primates.  Sometimes I think that they know we're there to watch, so that act out.  This one included a scene of a mother picking out the bugs (or whatever they pick out) of he offspring.   On the counter are various food items to purchase for you to feed the residents.  Carrots are suggested for the giraffe,  some kind of hard chunks are for any,  candy bars (of the healthy genre) go to the bears.  At some areas, like at one primate cage, there is a machine to get a handful of "Cherrios".  Long white tubes are places in most of the cages so that you can simply place the food in the tube and the animal will be waiting for it.  Easier than trying to throw it into the cage.  Some primates hang on the bars waiting for you to toss and they will catch it.

Lions, tigers, bears, primates, donkeys, along with a petting zoo area will certainly occupy your time and kids adore it because they are probably more up close than a regular zoo.  Zack, the giraffe, is one of the newest tenants. This 18 and a half foot tall darling was featured in the movie, Evan Almighty, as well as a number of commercials. At first glance, Zack looked as if his photo was part of the side of the "barn" as he stood really still.  I think he was sleeping with his eyes open.  Holding out the carrot, I keep calling to him and showing the goodie.  He slowly approached.  As I fed him, I was able to pet him above the nose and alongside of his face.  I even touched his tongue a few times.  One little girl had to wait until I completed my experience.  I made sure of it.  For me it's a one on one. 

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