Tuesday, October 16, 2012


No matter where I have traveled I just cannot get the perfect gelato that I have eaten in P'Town at I Dream of Gelato. Owner Michelle Jaffe has spent much time in Italy learning the craft that includes not only the best ingredients but the best method.  It's the original hot process and not using a pre-mix as used by another gelato place down the street with a purple color.

It turns out that Michelle opened a store across the way from her location at the Aquarium Mall, called Sips and Lix.  Upon entering it would appear that soft serve ice cream is the thing.  Preparing fresh juices and smoothies is what Sips and Lix is really all about.  Michelle, who has been juicing for several years, uses organic fruits and vegetables.  A juicer is used to extract the juice from vegetables such as: cucumber, kale, spinach, beets and celery.  The taste is most commonly enhanced with a piece of fruit such as a pear or apple.

Not all produce can be juiced which is why smoothies were invented.   Michelle loves the Vita Mix (I do, too).  You can juice with the Vita Mix and all will turn to liquid but the pulp stays there.  On the other hand, it is quite a fete trying to juice berries, so a smoothie would work.  If the seeds are annoying, you can strain them after "Vita Mixing".  Then, there are the more solid fruits such as bananas that lack a juice quality.

I decided to take the challenge with the guidance of Michelle, a few folks that I met in Morgantown who brought their juicer to a B&B, and my chiropractor, Dr. Joan Jacobs, a Nutritionist.

One important note is that although organic produce is more expensive, not putting pesticides in your body is a much healthier way.  Now, just because you pop into a store that says that they sell organic produce, it may not be reliable.  Since Fairway Market has a huge selection of organic produce as well as a positive reputation, that is where I made my first purchase.  I have no idea how much juice I will actually get and how many days it will last.  This is why I will be blogging my experience to include the combinations, how it tastes, how filling and at some point, the cost.

I will be eliminating many foods in this change of diet that should not only assist in loosing weight but hopefully have a positive affect on my arthritis.

My first juice consisted of cucumber, celery, carrot, kale and apple.  Tasted great.  Will sip as if it is a small meal.  Must find out what to do with the kale leaves that had the water extracted...or what to do with the remains of it all.  Compost and throw into my back yard?  

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