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There at times that owning a timeshare works well.  Trading is one option that certainly allows you to travel all over the country, if not the world.  What's important when you buy is that "worst comes to worst" you want to actually spend a week at the venue that you purchased.

I bought timeshare at Eastwood at Provincetown in the early 1980's.  The amenities itself consists of having tennis courts, an outdoor pool, two hot tubs (one is above ground), a washer and dryer on the premises, a place to BBQ and a clubhouse.  All of the units are fully furnished with a full kitchen.  That means you can stock up at Stop & Shop and do your own cooking.  That doesn't mean  that you won't want to dine out.

I went to some of the newest dining spots in town as well as some with new locations.  Dining al fresco can't get better when at the Aquarium Mall.  There was an aquarium there in the 1970's and although gone for many years, the name is kept and it's sort of a "food court" with a few other stores.  If you go back toward the water, there is a deck with tables and chairs and the most fabulous view of the Provincetown Harbor. 

Native Cape Cod Seafood has Jason Ken to thank for the cooking.  I sampled a mussel-leek-saffron soup that was so delish.  Best lunch deal is the Native Fish Pockets.  A grilled tortilla was filled with a decent size piece of cod (the fish changes by what is fresh caught), roasted corn salsa, cabbage, and a cilantro-lime aioli.  You get two of them for $9.95 and....wait for comes with french fries.  The company has a bar on the deck.

Two great places for dessert.  My favorite, of course is I Dream of Gelato, directly across from Native.  Connie's Provincetown Bakery moved to the mall. Cakes, cookies, pastries and breads. Brown Bag Lunch for $10 gets you either sandwich, coleslaw and cookie or street pie, green salad and cookie.

Pick a Wednesday for lunch and dinner here.  Make sure you go down to 260 Commercial St. and visit the Rose Dorothea Schooner Library for five reasons.  1. You can use their computers to go online at no cost.  Half an hour or longer is no one is waiting.  2.  They show a movie in the early evening at no cost.  3. Enjoy the view of the harbor of P'Town.  4. Sculpture of The Tourists by Chaim Gross in front.  5.There is a replica of the Rose Dorothea Schooner built in the middle of the library! 

This should remind you that there are several boat trips that leave out of MacMillan Pier, including a few via the Viking Princess. The boat is US Coast Guard certified for 49 passengers and 2 crew, so you won't get a crowd of people.  Rather than doing a "whale watch" as some of the other vessels at the pier do, opt for their Critter Cruise or historic Harbor Tour.  As they travel around the harbor, critters lurking towards the bottom of the bay are scooped up and brought aboard for both kids and adults to examine under lenses.  A lobster trap is hauled up to check out not just lobsters but various types of crabs as well.  508-487-7323.

MacMillan Pier has been renovated these past five years.  Entering from town you can see the new sign and garden.  As you continue along the walkway, you will easily spot many shacks the closest of which are being used for artists.  It not only allows for the artists to pay less than a gallery but for tourists to make purchases coming to and from the ferry at the end of the pier.

A new restaurant opened on Commercial Street, a few blocks West of Sips and Lix.  Far from the idea of "juicing", Local 186 focuses on burgers and just beef.  You can get them made with sushi grade tuna, turkey, veggies and lamb.  I opened with a salad called The Lobster (being in P'Town) with local greens, lobster, avocado, bacon, green beans, and tomatoes.  This was proceeded by a Build Your Own starting with an 8 oz. Snake River Farms Kobe burger, smoked Gruyere, sauteed wild mushrooms and fried egg.  Had a side of fried grilled pickles.

Talk of the town was Sage Inn and Lounge, located a few spots away from the library.  The former Pilgrim House of years ago is now a lounge, with a back room for events and rooms upstairs.  It may be the only hotel open year round as well as having an elevator.  An herb wall lies just near the entrance of the inn used by the chef in drinks and tapas. The lounge is set with a living room atmosphere to chat, drink and enjoy small bites of savory food.  Some of the items that I sampled were: a deconstructed clam chowder; oysters on the half shell atop a cloud of lemon mousse; crab cake crusted with panko and avocado mousse; pork belly with a sweet onion jam and cracklins.  Comfy place. Then again all of P'Town seems comfy!


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