Monday, October 1, 2012


It's been three years since I've gone to Provincetown aka P'Town, Massachusetts, located at the tip of Cape Cod. I Jetblued to Boston and then took Cape Air to P'Town.  Checking in at JFK I noticed that my itinerary did not include the Cape Air trip.  In fact, I was to claim my checked luggage in Boston and then check in at Cape Air.  With a week in P'Town, I did need more than just a carry on and Jet Blue allows for one free checked bag.  So, why could I not just go on to P'Town?

Cape Air's 8 seater airplanes call for a distribution of weight.  They not only have to weigh any bags going on the plane but ask your approximate weight as well.  The Jet Blue crew did much to assist in the transfer matter as well as my enjoyment of the flight. I would in fact love to thank the following:  Captain Frank Lombardo, First Officer John Sven Kleven, flight attendants Phillip Heller (who reminded us that the tray table is not to be used as a changing table), Nakir Abdul Kabir and Daniel Rajcoomar.

The trip from Boston to P'Town took about 25 minutes and a lot smoother than I thought it would be.  There is an elevator that I was able to use to get to Cape Air's plane as I am unable to deal with the 30 stairs down to the ground. With several choices of transportation from New York to P'Town, this one is the fastest.  Jet Blue is paired with Cape Air and the gates are not far away.

I find the P'Town airport to be such a hoot.  There is a basic large piece of metal that reads, "Baggage Claim". If you are bored while waiting for a plane, you can sit in the vending machine room and do a jigsaw puzzle.

I asked the nice guy behind the counter to call Mercedes Cab to take me to Eastwood At Provincetown. Taxis are regulated in this town.  Six dollars to go from anywhere in town with the exceptions of McMillan Pier, the airport and the beach area, the price of which is 8 dollars.

P'Town has a shuttle bus which charges 2 dollars to board (1 dollar for seniors).  There are no specific stops in town other than McMillan Pier.  You flag it down and tell them where you need to get off.   It's season was ending that weekend, so the rest of the week meant using Mercedes Cab.

I think it's about a mile from Eastwood to the center of town.  Years ago it was walkable.  I am much older and require a cane, if you get my drift. Hmm...three years ago I was able to climb to the top of the Pilgrim Monument.

This weekend was the last few days of the Tennessee Williams Festival.  I took one of the plays in the afternoon at the Provincetown Theatre.  There seemed to be 4 short plays of which one was This Property Is Condemned.  The cast consisted of actors from Italy.  In each of the plays, one actor would speak in Italian and the other in English but not as if one was translating.  It was very difficult to follow without having read up on the plots.  Live background music was much a part of each of the theatrical performances at the festival.

Dinner was at a new restaurant called Hot L Bar & Grille, just steps away from the timeshare.  For those who have been there, Michael Shay's was sold and renovated.  What did I eat?

Rather than a basket of bread, out comes a few hush puppies accompanied by a cranberry butter.  Lobster Cod Cakes - a combo of lobster and cod done up as if you had crab cakes with bell peppers and some breading. Topped with a cajun sauce.

Lobster Corn Dog.  Instead of a corn dog that utilizes a hot dog, they take claw meat from the lobster and dip it in a beer batter.  You get a dipping sauce of horseradish, honey and mustard.

Get this one.  Wellfleet Oysters on the half shell topped with tuna sashimi and a dollop of wasabi sauce.  Baby Wedger of Iceberg lettuce topped with bleu cheese, bacon, chopped eggs, grape tomatoes and a buttermilk dressing.  Onto Kale Soup the Portuguese specialty of P'Town.  In case you are not aware, it's still considered to be a Portuguese fishing town.  The soup consists of kale (of course), kidney beans, tomato broth and linguica, a Portuguese sausage.

Entree was Pulled Pork with a Jack Daniels sauce.  Hot L does there own smoking.   The pork came with corn bread, baked beans, and cranberry cole slaw.  Dessert?  Couldn't resist a chocoholic's chocolate cake. the end of the week I checked out the lunch menu and sampled a Lobster Grilled Cheese sandwich, Reuben Sandwich and a burger so that I could taste not just the burger but their special BBQ sauce.

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