Tuesday, October 23, 2012


My friend Laurie and I set off on a road trip to Morgantown, West Virginia.  Wanting an extra day from our check in at a timeshare week, we stayed at the nearby Lake Manor Bed & Breakfast.  Arriving in the mid afternoon we were told that the last room available was given to us, which was where the owner Kathleen (Katie) Crumbaker and her mother usually stayed.  The room was large, had two queen beds and beautifully decorated, as were all of the rooms.

We popped into the kitchen as it was just off the parking lot and easier to get our luggage in.  There was a group of folks pulling apart what appeared to be a roasted pig.  Augie and his wife Rosemary, two of the guests, brought the pig as well as a roaster doing the job in the parking lot.  All who were present in the kitchen were tasting it as we participate in pulling the pork with forks, placing it into a large pan.  A pot of Cuban Beans were cooking alongside of another pot of rice.  Augie brought some special BBQ sauce.  Someone else was making a salad and Katie had prepared what turned out to be one of the most delicious potato salads going.

Needless to say nobody went out for dinner.  We loaded a potato roll with the pork that was mixed with the BBQ sauce and plated the rest.  How good was it?  The pork was so good that Tricia, a vegan, had more than a mouth full.  She was munching with the rest of us. This might have been one of the best meals all week.  What a way to mingle with the guests!!

The weekend was all about Parents Weekend at West Virginia University.  Parents were there with their family although I'm not sure that the students stayed over.  We heard that although the football team, The Mountaineers, won a game in Texas the "celebration" was creating a riot at the school.  They were burning bean bag chairs and more. Not the best thing for Parent's Weekend!

Tricia and Ken were into juicing.  Having already spoken with Michelle Jaffe from P'Town, I inquired even more.  They brought their juicer and organic produce with them renting a room that lead to it's own patio and jacuzzi.  Breakfast included a sample of the produce that combined vegetables with an apple for the sweetness.  I was inspired.  

About the pig thing.  Let's see....he couldn't find a pig sitter.   No room for the pig.   Better yet...the pig was West Virginia University's mascot and Augie stole it.  Riots broke out and we needed to dispose of the evidence!!!

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