Monday, October 1, 2012


Suzy Habedansk came in from Traverse City, Michigan as well as follower from Japan just to see one of their favorite singers, Linda Purl, performing at Feinstein’s.  Purl has been doing her nightclub act for years with a motivation of having listened to the music on her parent’s record player.

Purl opened with “I Feel A Song Coming On” followed by “Let Me Love You”.   A chat with the audience focused on seeing the Dali Lama in Bloomington, Indiana.   Back to the singing it was “Autumn In New York” and “Them There Eyes”,

She told us about growing up in Japan and that is why a friend from long ago was sitting in the audience.  After she shared about her time in France and learning the language, Purl sang a French Song, which seemed to be called “The Pond” in English.  Onto a Johnny Mercer tune, “I Thought About You.”

This lead to a surprise visit from entertainer, Tom Wopat. They sang two Gershwin duets; “Oh Me! Oh My! Oh You!” and “Cheerful Little Earful”. 

Purl went into “Easy Living” and then introduced Desi Arnaz Jr. to the stage who drummed with more than verve while Purl sang a rendition of “Shall We Dance”.   He certainly looked as though he was having loads of fun doing it and the audience having loads of fun enjoying it. 

Exit Arnaz (temporarily) as Purl soloed with, “When My Ship Comes In” and “It’s Time To Fall In Love”.  Arnaz returns as he accompanies Purl to “Caravan”.  We then get to find out the Desi’s sister Lucie is in the audience as well as another great drummer, Papo Pepin.  Desi and Lucie will be going into the studio to record an album and Papo will be joining them.  Papo came up on the stage to have him and Desi dueting the drums and percussion with the background of “Caravan”.  Lucie’s last recording was an album called, Latin Roots. 

Purl then continued her performance with, “My Romance”, “Give Me A Good Night Kiss” and an encore of a Nat King Cole tune called, “’Tis Autumn”.  Linda Purl is a fine singer and personable performer. Loved the show!  Check out for a calendar of some great artists. 

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