Saturday, December 29, 2012


There is a Chinese Restaurant on Jamaica Avenue in Woodhaven called Carnival House.  They've been around for a long time.  I tend to get something there if I want it delivered, although I haven't placed an order in quite a while. I didn't have a menu, concluding that I must have thrown it out.  I guess there was a reason.

I was simply in the mood for some boneless spare ribs and fried chicken wings.  One thing that I remembered about this restaurant was that when you buy chicken wings they are not wing parts, but whole wings.  The last time the price was about $3 for 4 wings and they were not small sized wings.

Was it a change in management or simply not caring about quality?   The boneless ribs had a bit of a weird taste.  Considering the size of the take-out restaurant that has a few tables, I believe that the rib slabs are already marinated when they receive them and they simply brush the slabs with a packaged bbq sauce and place it under the broiler.  When done, they slice it up.

The wings were an even bigger....or should I say "smaller" disappointment.  I received 4 regular sized wings and certainly not worth a buck a wing.

If you place an order that's $10, they give you a choice of a free can of soda, egg roll or soup.  They didn't ask me and delivered a can of just about un-fizzled Coca Cola.  I don't drink carbonated beverages, let alone Coca Cola.

So I wound up costing me over $10 (tax and tip) for an "Un-happy Meal".   For that price I could go to the Genting Palace and get a lunch of all you can eat dim sum!

Oy, I don't feel too well. I think the restaurant made my stomach turn.

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